What Does Minecraft Teach Your Kids?

Worried since you couldn’t stop your daughter from playing Minecraft? Concerned about the obsession of your son about the super-popular sandbox game? Well, chill out! It turns out that Minecraft is not just an ordinary video game. Instead, it is seen as an educational tool helping children learn everything from art, science and math to basic skills in the real life, claims Guide Gamer.

Minecraft an Education Tool

No bloody and violent action, Minecraft does have a very simple plot. If you seek out a game with gorgeous graphics, then Minecraft is certainly not for you. This open-world sandbox game is filled with trees, animals, buildings and people – all have the blocky style, just like Lego. Players, once entering this pixel world, are given a vast land to generate various kinds of structures of their own creations. Besides mining resources and crafting materials, you also need to battle against mobs’ attack to survive.

So, what kids can learn from Minecraft? First and foremost, this game lets young players unleash their creativity. No rule or instruction, they and their imagination will run wild, beyond the basic. For example, they can create a farm full of flying chickens or a Pokemon world. In addition, kids will be able to learn things like engineering, urban planning, architecture and math.

Minecraft Builds Up Kids’ Creativity

There are two basic ways to play in Minecraft, according to Guide Gamer.

Minecraft Build up Kids Creativity

Choosing the survival mode, all you have to do are mining raw materials like wood, coal and dirt, and then generate a shelter and craft necessary items (torches, sword, etc.) so that you can deal with the invasion of Minecraft mobs when the night comes. In the creative mode, simply enjoy the building process with unlimited resources. Be creative and sketch all architectural whimsies in mind like flying castles or interactive constructions.

Digging more into Minecraft, you will figure out lots of ways to form some fascinating machines and scenarios. Through the Mojang’s sandbox game, kids can enhance their advanced computer skills.

Because there is no specific goal, no particular plot, no score, players have their own flexibility and freedom to do anything they desire,” says Jeff Haynes, a game analyst of Common Sense Media. Kids who start playing Minecraft at the young age will develop real-life skills like exploration, creativity, curiosity, and teamwork.

In the education aspect, Minecraft is given a top “learning” score.

Here, at Guide Gamer, your child can play Minecraft unblocked at school to not only satisfy their addition for this creative open-ended game, but also change their way of thinking about certain things.

Minecraft Things That Parents Need To Know

You’ve probably heard about Minecraft. Played by both kids and adults, it has always been one of the most popular sandbox games since 2009. More than an ordinary game, in fact players can explore a lot of interesting things and learn with Minecraft.

Today’s children are completely in love with the Minecraft world; this makes some parents become worried. If you are a mom or dad with a child that has a huge interest for Minecraft, it’s time to stop tossing around words like obsession or addiction. Instead, Guide Gamer advises you to learn basic things about Minecraft so that you can understand your kids more.

Minecraft Things Parents Need to Know

Does your child enjoy playing Minecraft? If yes, then what is this game all about?

Developed by Mojang, Minecraft will invite players to a randomly generated world in which they can build anything creative and also fight against hordes of various dangerous critters to survive. Throughout the years, there have been a lot of new updates added for certain parts within the gameplay. Considered as a massive hit of the game industry in 2009, this blocky game is surely worth playing.

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Below, check out a few interesting things about Minecraft, presented by Guide Gamer:

1. Inspiring your imagination & creativity

Definitely, you can freely unleash your imagination once playing Minecraft. When it comes to generating blocky structures, there is no restriction. Simply form your virtual world with your very own creations, from making a functional clock to building marvelous, astonishing cities.

2. A great source for inspiration

As mentioned earlier, Minecraft is all about creating. Since creating is always the heavy emphasis in Minecraft, kids tend to collect different ideas as well as think of new, unique creations for their world. There are times when they don’t play this open-world sandbox game, they will look up related videos, talk with their friends about what they are constructing and even sketch structures for the next play session.

3. Creative vs. adventure mode

Two Modes of Minecraft

In the creative mode, no enemy to worry about. Most of the time you are free to build and explore as much as you like. Unlimited materials will be provided in this mode so you don’t need to learn about crafting.

When you first come to the Minecraft world, you need to make a choice between the creative and adventure mode. To experience everything intensely, then go with the adventure mode which you must explore the land, collect resources, build structures, and survive from Minecraft enemies’ attack. Learning how to craft items is necessary in the attempt of saving your life.

4. Very educational

When digging more into Minecraft, moms or dads find it a surprise that this sandbox game is seen as an educational tool. According to Guide Gamer, MinecraftEDU (published in 2006) can be used at schools to help children learn. For instance, the awesome Minecraft mini games list assists your child in creating various buildings – this method allows them to visualize things in an exciting way.

In sum, do not forbid the children to play Minecraft; rather, parents should become wise supervisors, helping them manage their play time and figure out how to play responsibly. You are recommended to try out this game so that you’ll have much knowledge about the 3D virtual world to discuss with your kids.

Cool Math For Kids – Top 5 Must-Play Games

Have no idea about which games online are good for your children? No needs to worry as you have come to the right place. At Guide Gamer, I’d love to offer you a list of top 5 must-play games at Math Game 4 Kids. All are the cool math game genre, so now you can feel secure about kids’ gaming matters.

1. Papa’s Pancakeria

Papas Pancakeria Game

Talking about cool math for kids, you cannot overlook the Papa’s Cooking series. This time, you will be in charge of running Papa’s Pancakeria, Papa Louie’s new restaurant. Your ultimate goal is always delivering the best service to all customers. Help them take orders, make delicious pancakes, waffles and French toasts, and most importantly reach the daily target. Since this is the time management game, you must balance your time in each task well – do not let your customers wait too long.

Earn as much money and bonus as possible for cooking equipment upgrades and decorations.

2. Run 3 Cool Math

The next choice of Guide Gamer will be Run 3. In this platforming adventure game, all you need to do is guiding a tiny creature to run and jump endlessly. The game takes place on space – no wonder there are plenty of holes and gaps. While moving through the tunnel, you must help your character avoid those obstacles or the journey will end immediately. Along the way, collect as many coins as possible to unlock new characters with advanced abilities.

As you level up, the challenge obviously will become much harder. Control the runner precisely so that it won’t fall out of the space. Good luck!

3. Fireboy and Watergirl in The Crystal Temple

Fireboy and Watergirl 4 Game

For those who are looking for a fascinating adventure game, have you played the game called Fireboy and Watergirl in The Crystal Temple yet? If not, give it a shot! Here, you will take control of two characters simultaneously. Throughout a total of 38 levels, guide both Fireboy and Watergirl to avoid traps and obstacles as well as reach the exit successfully. Make use of magic crystals to do the teleportation. Also, remember to collect all the gems in each stage for the bonus.

This is the latest version of the Fireboy and Watergirl series. In case you miss out previous chapters, grab your chance here to discover more:

  • Fireboy and Watergirl in The Forest Temple
  • Fireboy and Watergirl in The Light Temple
  • Fireboy and Watergirl in The Ice Temple

4. Fruit Ninja Online

The famous game is now available on Math Game 4 Kids. What is your major objective in Fruit Ninja Online? Very simple, just cut all the fresh fruits into slices with your invisible sword. Try to cut as many and fast as possible to set a high score as well as break your old record. If you miss any fruit or cut the flying raccoons, your in-game lives will be deducted…so be carefully observant.

5. Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush Game

Lastly, Guide Gamer introduces you Kingdom Rush, a fun-addicting tower defense game. Hitting PLAY button, your job is to protect the beautiful kingdom there. That vast land full of valuable treasures and natural resources is the target of many neighboring countries. In order to defend it, quickly construct several towers on the game map. Then activate the energy of each fortress (archers, swordsmen and bombers) to avoid hordes of enemies from invading the kingdom.

For the ultimate victory, you must have a strategic plan.

Overall, it’s great that your kids now can study, improve skills and have cheerful moments at the same time.

Most Popular Cool Math Games – Play All NOW!

Are you a big fan of the cool math game genre? Then you’ve come to the right place, buddies. Today, Guide Gamer will introduce you a cool site offering a lot of fun-addicting things to explore; that’s, Math Game 4 Kids. There, a full collection of free online games is available for players of all ages – no violence or bloody action, just challenges to stimulate your brain-thinking development.

Not only cool math kids games, our game site also gives you other interesting genres like skills games, driving and racing, puzzle games, food games, bloons and Minecraft. Freely choose your most favorite game and savor joyful moments.

In the following is a list of must-play cool math games for kids, have a look:

1. Papa’s Wingeria

Papas Wingeria Game

Here comes a great time-management restaurant game! Papa’s Wingeria is another popular installment of the Papa’s Cooking series. This time, you will help Papa Louie manage his Wingeria restaurant, completely. Your ultimate goal is to give the best service to every single customer – from taking orders, frying up wings to dipping wings in yummy sauces. Earn much money and tips to upgrades equipment as well as buy decorations.

2. Where is My Water?

Meet Swampy, a sweet alligator which only wants to take a nice bath at this moment. However, since his shower is broken, he couldn’t have a bath without water. Your objective here is to help the alligator fill up his tub in Where is My Water? In each level, you have to deal with a very challenge puzzle. Think strategically for the most possible way guiding water to Swampy’s bath place successfully. Every drop counts!

This puzzle game is also available on Android, iOS and other smart devices.

3. Candy Crush Saga

Check out Candy Crush Saga Online, all Guide Gamer readers! This game is extremely popular and familiar, right? If you are a matching game’s lover, don’t miss out this one.

Candy Crush Saga Game

The target of this game is to switch and match candy through hundreds of levels in a sweet adventure. Combine three or more candy sharing the same shape and color to clear them off the screen. For spectacular treats, you need to create special combinations of four or five sweets. Finish the given task in each stage within the limited moves to proceed. As you level up, the quest will become harder.

Can you pass all levels? It’s time to put your skills on test!

4. Flappy Bird Online

Flappy Bird Online Game

When it comes to the cool math game, Flappy Bird Online is definitely the ultimate option. Considered as one of the hardest games, it can make you feel addicting and annoying at the same time. Positively, this fun game will train your patience and focus ability. About the in-game task, very simple, you need to guide the bird to fly through the pipes without crashing. Pass 1 pipe and you’ll get 1 point, but trust me – you can’t go far in first times playing.

Play and see how many points will you attain!

Cool Math Run 3 Review – What To Expect?

Run The Series finally returns with its newest game – Run 3. If you are a big fan of running games, then don’t miss out this third installment. Featuring totally upgraded challenges, Run 3 is sure to get you hooked. You will continue to take control the adorable character, just like the previous games, and guide it to jump over holes as well as avoid other dangers.

How far will you go in this endless running action platformer?

Overview of Run 3

Run 3 Game Review

Looking for a fast-paced distance game, then Guide Gamer recommends you to try out cool math Run 3. Unlike other running games, the goal here is not just to stay alive as long as possible; yet the player must also finish the current level off. In each stage, plenty of obstacles like gaps and holes will show up suddenly in order to prevent you from completing the mission.

This time, you will run through restricted areas on space. The only way to survive is to keep jumping precisely on loose planks. When sensing dangers, you have to navigate the rotating tunnels.

Although the task seems hard at first, it is not impossible to solve. According to Guide Gamer, Run 3 this time still offers you chances proving your gaming skills. This third installment gives you no time to lose focus. Quick reaction and precise control are keys to deal with all challenges. Before proceeding to the next level, don’t think of relax.

The gameplay is fairly tricky, plus the audio makes it more addicting. People find cool math Run 3 interesting to play because of its simple controls. Despite of how frustrating it is, you cannot help coming back to beat your score and trying out more new levels.

How To Play?

The game takes place in space where you, as an alien, need to run through an endless tunnel full of gaps and holes. Be careful to jump over platforms. The further distance you run, the more new characters and modes you can unlock. As progressing, the running speed will become faster…but do not freak out. Once you get into the rhythm, running is no longer a problem.

Along the way, remember to collect all the scattered coins. Note that you have only one life per game, so just one small mistake can send you to hell. In case you gather enough coins during the adventure, you then have two options – continuing the level (using coins, of course) or start the game over. Also, coins are for purchasing power-ups and upgrades for your character.


Cool Math Run 3 Characters

According to Game Guider, there are many characters that need to be unlocked in cool math Run 3. Starting the game, you meet The Runner and The Skater. But as you level up, you will see other new protagonists like The Gentleman, The Lizard, and more – each has different special abilities and upgrades. 

Run 3 Controls

Make use of the arrows or WASD to help the character run and jump.

In conclusion, Run 3 is worth playing since it brings an addictive experience to every gamer. This latest game, as per Game Guider, even comes with achievements and leaderboards. Quick, addicting gameplay and simple controls make it the most popular game that everyone can access easily. It could have been trickier, but overall it is still one of the best options for thrill seekers.