Crysis – Intro Walkthrough – Chapter 1: Contact

The cinematic intro starts with the view of a dark chamber with crystal spikes. A date is displayed onscreen:

August 7th, 2020

Helena: (static) … This is Dr. Helena Rosenthal of the IAS research team on the Lingshan Islands. We … The North Koreans have assumed control … (static) They’re rounding up civilians outside …

We found something … buried in the rock … this discovery could change the future of the planet. The Koreans don’t know what they’re dealing with …

(stifled scream) Please …

Note: An alien door within the mountain interior opens in the darkness.

Note: The video game Crysis loads a cinematic intro to brief the player on what’s happening, where, and why you are here. The following text is displayed onscreen as the cinematic intro begins: Seven Days later … Lingshan Islands, Phillipines Sea – August 14th, 2020.

Note: A military airplane approaches Lingshan Islands.

Pilot: Command this is Skychief, we’re at angels 25, bearing east. We’re getting some radar interference. Looks like an electrical storm brewing.

Pilot 1: That’s a negative, SkyChief. Nothing on our side. Skies are clear. Over.

Pilot: Roger, command. Must be a malfunction. ETA to drop zone: three minutes.

Note: Camera shifts to the interior of the airplane. Nomad is sleeping during the flight, and Jester wakes him up.

Jester: Hey, Nomad. You still with us?

Prophet: OK. Listen up, gentlemen. Intel reports a significant military presence on the island. We have the element of surprise so let’s use it. The North Koreans can’t know we’re here.

Psycho: They wont’ even know what hit’ em.

Prophet: Can it, Psycho. Pay attention. This is a covert operation. Our job is to locate and evacuate. We’re not at war here.

Psycho: Not yet.

Jester: Prophet, do we even know if these people are still alive?

Prophet: That’s what we’re here to find out. We lost contact with Dr. Rosenthal a week ago when the North Korean military locked down the island. Two days ago we picked up a distress signal from the team’s research vessel. Someone down there wants to be found.

Pilot: Raptor Team, we are beginning approach. Stand by for green.

Prophet: Alright. Gear up. Masks on. Once we clear the plane, form up on me. Chutes on my mark.

Pilot: Green in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1

Prophet: Go! Go! GO! See you guys at the LZ. (aka Landing Zone)

Note: All five Raptor Team nanosuit members jump off the airplane backdoor and dive through the sky toward the Landing Zone. As they sky dive, they start talking to each other.

Aztec: So, JSOC’s got us chasing archeologists now? This’ll be a cakewalk.

Jester: I’ve heard of this guy. He musta found something big to buy all this heat.

Aztec: Whatever … Fifty bucks says this Rosenthal ain’t the real reason we’re here.

Note: Prophet appears through the left falling faster to take the lead.

Prophet: Lock it up, team, stay focused. We’ve got limited intel going in. Op Com’s bein’ moved to the USS Constitution. Until they’re five-by-five we’re on our own. Chutes on my command … GO!

Note: Suddenly an alien object flies past them knocking off Nomad’s chute.

Jester: What the hell …? You see that?

Psycho: Nomad’s hit!

Jester: He lost his chute!

Nomad: My chute’s gone! My damn chute is gone! I’ve got no main, no reserve.

Prophet: Keep it together, kid. You’re over water. Your suit should absorb the impact. Nomad! What’s your status?

Nomad: I’m OK, I’m OK but my HUD’s scrambled. What the hell was that?

Prophet: I don’t know, but you missed the LZ. Make your way to the beach.

Nomad: On my way.

Jester: Did ANYONE hit the LZ?

Prophet: You guys are all over the place. Check in.

Psycho: Psycho here. Down and on the move.

Jester: Jester’s down. Proceeding to LZ.

Prophet: Aztec, I have negative visual feed from your unit. Report. Aztec! Report. Damn it.

Note: Game Saved. Get to the beach. Completed.

Nomad: Prophet, I’ve made it to the beach.

Prophet: You hit the water pretty hard. Some of your suit functions are offline. Let me run a quick diagnostic. Your video feed is breaking up. I’m gonna try to recalibrate. Alright. Your suit checks out. You’re back online.

Still no word from Aztec. Nomad, rendezvous with Jester and head to Aztec’s location.

Check your objectives display.

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