Crysis – Walkthrough – Chapter 3: Relic

Prophet: The situation’s FUBAR. I still can’t reach JSOC on the secure channel. Must be another jammer, we need to find it and take it out. Until then we’re on our own.

The highlighted area of the map is about 3 clicks up this valley.

Note: A weird alien horn sound is heard in the distance. Prophet rise his brow and ponders.

Prophet: The sooner we are off this rock the better.

Note: Prophet’s nanosuit starts shortcircuiting out of the blue. Nomad’s visor view gets noise artifacts as if breaking up visual. A massive alien vessel decloaks near Nomad and swoops down to capture Prophet, disappearing in the distance with its prey flying at an incredible speed over the trees.

Nomad: Prophet! G-dammit! Prophet!

[Secondary: Disable North Korean GPS jamming station. Activated]

Nomad: What the hell?! Prophet, you read me? Come in, Prophet. Come in! Dammit!

Strickland: Nomad, this is Major Strickland at Op Com. We just lost your squad leader. Suit readings and location signal are negative! What the hell is going on down there?!

Nomad: Prophet is MIA! (aka Missing in Action) I repeat: Prophet is MIA! I’ve got two men down and something just grabbed Prophet. It dragged him into the jungle! He’s gone!

Strickland: We’re going to pull you out of there, son. Sit tight and I’ll get a bird down there to you ASAP.

Nomad: Negative, sir. I can still complete. I’ve got intel on Rosenthal’s location. He’s being held at an excavation site somewhere near a Korean military base. I’m going after him.

Strickland: It’s your call, son. But our GPS system is being jammed. We can provide no tactical support at this time. If you can locate and disable the jammer I’ll run a satellite scan of the area and see if we can locate that excavation site.

Nomad: Copy, Major. Much appreciated.

Video: Watch the cutscene.

Note: The first thing you should do is to look around the ground for Prophet’s weapon. It’s easy to just move forward and miss this little secret gift. You will find near the precision rifle a Grenade Launcher Attachment.

These are handy to blow up things like a jeep, a sniper tower, or a bunch of soldiers close to each other. To use the Grenade Launcher Attachment simply press [X] to toggle between the following modes: single-bullet shots, multi-bullet shots or Grenade Launcher shots.

Move to your right to find a Cabbage plantation field.

Move parallel to the fence for cover until you reach the back of the small house.

A jeep will drive in and its two passengers will abandon the jeep to meet up with another two soldiers. Take one down with a headshot using the cloak tactic after shooting him to target the next soldier.

After all four KPA soldiers are dead, approach the table. You will find the following ammo:

  • FY71 ammo x 2
  • Pistol ammo x 2
  • Pistol (weapon) x 1
  • Shotgun (weapon) x 1
  • Shotgun ammo x 2

    Video: This one shows the four KPA and the location of the ammo supplies.

    Note: After gathering ammo from the table, I recommend following the fence toward the nearby village. The stealthy approach is the best decision to shutdown the GPS jammer. Otherwise, you will have to deal with a very intense battle. The all-out-war approach in this specific village means 24 KPA soldiers coming to kill you. Now that I have your attention, and jaw-dropped, take the stealthy approach, buddie.

    All-out-war option: If you wish to go Rambo, good luck. Drive the jeep all the way into the village until you are in front of the green building trailer and use it as a stand-still refuge to take out all the 24 KPA soldiers. Just be careful with incoming KPA soldiers throwing grenades past the door, and KPA soldiers shooting with shotguns. These can kill you in no time.

    Stealth-approach: If you got schooled with the Rambo-style, then take my recommendation and go in quiet and cloaked. Back at the small house with those four KPA soldiers you just killed, follow the fence toward the nearby village.

    Use the white water tank tower as your focus point. Follow the fence in that direction.

    As you move along the fence, you will come across a wooden box next to the fence. Hide behind to recharge cloak energy. Keep moving along the fence until you find another wooden box. Hide there by kneeling down, and recharge.

    Look at the white water tank tower again. You will see a blue barrel. Walk toward it and hide behind the blue barrel.

    Turn around the fence to face a wall-less building storing banana boxes. Go in their direction, then kneel down behind a palette of banana boxes to recharge energy.

    Turn around and you will find behind the banana boxes the green building trailer and the GPS jammer device. Head toward the green building trailer door and hide to recharge energy.

    Move toward the GPS jammer and press [F] to disable it.

  • Strickland: Good job, Nomad. We’ve got our GPS system online. Satellite recon indicates a North Korean compound close to the river. Transmitting the coordinates now. We’ll scan the area for your excavation site.

    Note: Hide inside the green housing trailer again to recharge energy.

    [Secondary: Disable North Korean GPS jamming station. Completed]

    Video: This video shows you how to reach the GPS jamming station undetected, and how to leave the village without shooting a single soldier.

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