Crysis – Walkthrough – Chapter 4: Assault

Marine 1: So … this is the famous nano-suit we keep hearing about.

Marine 2: Man! I gotta get me one of those!

Psycho: Yeah, like Uncle Sam’s gonna spend millions to protect your scrawny arse, Johnson.

Marine 2: Hell, you won’t be mouthing off when I’ve got my super-suit! I’ll go ninja on your ass!

Psycho: Now that I’d like to see.

VTOL Pilot: OK guys, we’re entering a combat zone. We’ve got a lot of SAM activity down there. I’m going to circle around and fire countermeasures before we land.

Psycho: The KPA’s rumbled us, mate. The bastards are blowing this ridge to smithereens. Keep your head down, or you’ll lose it.

Nomad: Then why the hell are we landing here?

Psycho: It’s either shells or SAMs. Shells tend to miss more.

VTOL Pilot: This is as far as I go, gentlemen. The harbor’s still too hot. Good luck out there.

Marine 2: Damn! Wish I had one of those suits now!

Marine: Corpsman, get the injured onboard. I want this VTOL out of here now. Follow me, Sir. Lieutenant Bradley’s waiting for you at the overlook.

Marine 3: Move it soldier!

Marine 1: Incoming!

[Meet Lieutenant Bradley. Activated]

Marine 1: Get down! Get down!

Marine: Air strike’s started. Let’s move.

Note: Stand still as soon as you walk out of the VTOL. Look to the ground in front of Psycho. You will see a SCAR rifle there. Turn right, and behind you is another SCAR Rifle for extra ammo on the portable bed.

Now, follow the marine who has the flashlight, and walk the path toward the green mark in the mini-map.

Marine 2: For Christ’s sake get me some fucking help here! Where are the goddamned medics?

Marine 4: Partlett, Lancaster, set up a defensive position there!

Marine 2: Hang in there, buddy. We’re going to get you out of here.

Marine 4: And someone get that man a medic!

Note: Following the path, you will find a fence and two houses. To your right is a corpse. Grab the FY71 rifle. To your left is a black guy kneeling by a corpse. Grab the FY71 rifle for extra ammo. Turn left to see another corpse. Grab the Pistol. There is another FY71 rifle by the pile of wood.

Walk inside the house to your left. You will find the following ammo supplies:

  • SCAR Rifle x 4
  • SCAR Ammo pack x 5
  • Frag Grenade x 8
  • Precision Rifle x 1
  • Precision Rifle Ammo X 1

Get outside the house, and follow the marine holding the rifle flashlight. Now walk to Lieutenant Bradley. He is crouching by the edge of the cliff overlook. An in-game cut-scene will play.

Marine 4: Get up to the overlook, Sir. LT. Bradley is expecting you.

LT. Bradley: Osprey Command, the mission’s gone to hell. Our position has been compromised. (Explosion)

We are taking artillery fire from the harbor…

Strickland: Lieutenant, I don’t give a good god-damn about your problems. You will take out those AAs and you will hold that road! Understood?

LT. Bradley: Son of a bitch. Understood. Holy shit! There goes another one!

Note: A North American jet is hit by a AAA missile and crash lands nearby.

LT. Bradley: Nomad! We are really up against it here! The Koreans have AA guns in the harbor. Jets can’t get a lock: something’s jamming our radar. (Explosion)

We’ve gotta take out those last AAs so our heavy VTOLs can land.

Nomad: Doesn’t sound too difficult.

LT. Bradley: You want the job? You got it.

[Checkpoint Reached]

[Game Saved]

[Meet Lieutenant Bradley. Completed]

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