Cool Math Run 3 Review – What To Expect?

Run The Series finally returns with its newest game – Run 3. If you are a big fan of running games, then don’t miss out this third installment. Featuring totally upgraded challenges, Run 3 is sure to get you hooked. You will continue to take control the adorable character, just like the previous games, and guide it to jump over holes as well as avoid other dangers.

How far will you go in this endless running action platformer?

Overview of Run 3

Run 3 Game Review

Looking for a fast-paced distance game, then Guide Gamer recommends you to try out cool math Run 3. Unlike other running games, the goal here is not just to stay alive as long as possible; yet the player must also finish the current level off. In each stage, plenty of obstacles like gaps and holes will show up suddenly in order to prevent you from completing the mission.

This time, you will run through restricted areas on space. The only way to survive is to keep jumping precisely on loose planks. When sensing dangers, you have to navigate the rotating tunnels.

Although the task seems hard at first, it is not impossible to solve. According to Guide Gamer, Run 3 this time still offers you chances proving your gaming skills. This third installment gives you no time to lose focus. Quick reaction and precise control are keys to deal with all challenges. Before proceeding to the next level, don’t think of relax.

The gameplay is fairly tricky, plus the audio makes it more addicting. People find cool math Run 3 interesting to play because of its simple controls. Despite of how frustrating it is, you cannot help coming back to beat your score and trying out more new levels.

How To Play?

The game takes place in space where you, as an alien, need to run through an endless tunnel full of gaps and holes. Be careful to jump over platforms. The further distance you run, the more new characters and modes you can unlock. As progressing, the running speed will become faster…but do not freak out. Once you get into the rhythm, running is no longer a problem.

Along the way, remember to collect all the scattered coins. Note that you have only one life per game, so just one small mistake can send you to hell. In case you gather enough coins during the adventure, you then have two options – continuing the level (using coins, of course) or start the game over. Also, coins are for purchasing power-ups and upgrades for your character.


Cool Math Run 3 Characters

According to Game Guider, there are many characters that need to be unlocked in cool math Run 3. Starting the game, you meet The Runner and The Skater. But as you level up, you will see other new protagonists like The Gentleman, The Lizard, and more – each has different special abilities and upgrades.

Run 3 Controls

Make use of the arrows or WASD to help the character run and jump.

In conclusion, Run 3 is worth playing since it brings an addictive experience to every gamer. This latest game, as per Game Guider, even comes with achievements and leaderboards. Quick, addicting gameplay and simple controls make it the most popular game that everyone can access easily. It could have been trickier, but overall it is still one of the best options for thrill seekers.

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