10 BEST Endless Runner Browser Games in 2021 (Explore NOW)

Endless runner games have always been popular after games like Temple Run or Slope became hits. The gameplay of this genre is simple – you keep running until crashing into obstacles. With addictive gameplay, no wonder this game genre is favored by millions of players all over the world.

In today’s article, let’s talk about 10 best endless runner browser games.

Top 10 Endless Runner Games for Your Browser

10. Cube Surfer

Cube Surfer

Have you tried Cube Surfer yet? This is a cool and funny 3D running game in which your objective is to stack cubes as high as possible. How? Simply slide from side to side and you can connect two cubes together. Be careful! There will be a lot of dangers ahead! Surf on top of cubes and avoid obstacles, and also don’t forget to grab diamonds for the highest score. Easy to control, make sure to slide till the end point perfectly. Let’s hone your skills in this fun 3D challenge!

Drag the left mouse to control the character.

9. Stack Colors

Stack Colors

If you want something similar to the first game, here is Stack Colors for you. The mission in this game is very simple – collecting as many piles of a specific color as possible to the finish line. Take control of the character and pick up piles having the same color with your runner. What will happen if you stack piles of different colors? You will lose those of the old color and the game will soon be over. There are places where the color can change rapidly, so you need to show your quick reflexes. Don’t forget to collect coins along the track.

Control the character with the left mouse.

8. Lady Tower

Lady Tower

Run to Lady Tower and unite with the love of your life! Look, the man you love is standing on the other side of the building! How can you go there? The only way is to run and jump on the boys’ shoulders to make a bridge and reach your lover. Though it sounds easy, mastering it is hard. If you miss any boy while running, the bridge will be incomplete and you can’t travel to your lover’s side. Don’t forget to collect diamonds along the track!

Click the left mouse at the right time to jump.

7. Railway Runner 3D

Railway Runner 3D

Here comes Railway Runner 3D, an endless runner game similar to Subway Surfers! Engage in this adventure where you need to help a teenager run away from an angry police officer without hurting himself during the run. Guide him to dodge big trains, railway signs and more other obstacles. Collect various boosters along the way to run faster or jump higher; meanwhile, you should also pick up as many gems as possible to buy new items from the shop.

Use your arrows to direct him to safer ways to run.

6. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

If you love the adventure game genre, then I’m sure you can’t ignore Temple Run 2. In this exciting endless running game, you’ll become a treasure hunter who needs to escape from the chase of a terrifying monster. While moving in an old jungle, you should also avoid obstacles and traps for your safety. Collect all boosters and coins for the upgrades. Can you successfully overcome cliffs, forests, and even mines in the endless landscape. How far can you run?

Move with the arrows or WASD and active power-ups with spacebar.

5. Sprinter


Can you beat all your opponents in the 100 meters sprint? If you’re confident with your running skills, set foot to Sprinter and show us what you’ve got! The goal here is simple – running 100 meters faster than others to be the winner. The level difficulty will increase and also your opponents will get better after every level. You must be faster and faster for the victory. Are you ready? Let’s run your heart out in this classic game!

Run with the left/right arrows.

4. Hop Don’t Stop

Hop Don't Stop

What will happen when you put a cute little bunny on an endless racing track? Travel to Hop Don’t Stop and get ready for this fun adventure. In this addicting skill game, you will control the bunny to run as far as possible in a mysterious jungle. Of course the journey won’t be that easy because there are many obstacles and abysses. Help your bunny to dodge all kinds of traps and collect diamonds as well as power-ups. The more diamonds you get, the more skills you can upgrade in the shop. Will you be able to go further than other bunnies?

Use the arrows to take action.

3. Death Run 3D

Death Run 3D

Welcome to Death Run 3D, an extremely fast game that will put your reflexes to the test! If you’re looking for something hardcore, this is the best option. Run through a neon tube full of blocks and all are movable. The objective here is to avoid them. Be careful as gaps between blocks are not much, so the only way to success is to respond quiickly. Try to gain a great score to beat other players around the world. This game is addictive and challenging to even professional gamers.

Move with the arrows or WASD.

2. Blob Runner 3D

Blob Runner 3D

Grab this chance to enter the blob world! This is definitely one of the most popular parkour games that you don’t want to miss out. Become a colorful blob and experience an exciting adventure here. Let’s start gathering other blob friends to transform into a blob giant or recover a part of body. The bigger you are, the more bonuses you can unlock. While running, make sure to avoid obstacles and collect all diamonds scattered to purchase new skins.

Drag your left mouse to navigate the blob.

1. Slope


I believe you all have tried Slope at least once if you’re a fan of endless runner games.  This ultimate running game will challenge all of your skills. Here, you will roll your neon ball on a randomized slope. It’s a must to avoid obstacles and red blocks. The further you go, the faster the speed is. Stay balanced on track as long as possible to get a high score and put your name on the leaderboard. Though it might look simple, mastering this requires a lot of time. Are you ready for the adrenaline rush?

Play with arrow keys


In general, these 10 best endless runner browser games here are the best picks out there and you can enjoy them all for completely free. Endless runner games are always fun and interesting to play, plus simple controls.

Comment below to let us know which games are your favorite!