12 BEST Running Mobile Games for iOS and Android

Are you a fan of running games?

If yes, then this article is for you!

Here we’ve come up with a list of 12 best running mobile games, available on both iOS and Android, to play right now. These games are packed with challenging levels, addictive gameplay, and easy controls that can be played for hours.

All with a good dose of adrenaline help remove your smartphone boredom. Our selection only includes free mobile games, so let’s go!

Have a look at the list below and see if we missed any of your favorite games!

Top 12 Running Mobile Games of 2021

12. High Heels

High Heels

Wearing high heels is a challenge, but it’s even much worse when you have to do catwalk on an obstacle course with high heels on.

Play High Heels and overcome all obstacles without falling!

Finish the runway while walking in high heels professionally. The challenge is, of course, not just that – there will be lots of obstacles ahead blocking your way. Become a pro model in this running game and collect as many heels, jewels, and props as possible. Earn diamonds to unlock different kinds of high heels and characters.

Show them your skills in balancing!

Download High Heels: iOS | Android

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11. Jelly Shift

Jelly Shift

Jelly Shift is a simple endless running game but divided into many levels. In each level you will see a piece of red jelly standing on a path. There are lots of different obstacles ahead. Fortunately, this jelly can change its shape so it can overcome any obstacle easily with your companion.

Your task here is very simple! Make sure to fit the jelly into all gates of various shapes and sizes without getting stuck. Alter that object to become a square, a vertical or a horizontal block depending on the shape of the obstacle appearing in front of you.

Concentrate and be fast!

Download Jelly Shift: iOS | Android

10. Sword Play

Sword Play

It’s time to become a true master of swords!

Jump into Sword Play and have fun moments with blades and other sharp objects. The game brings you to a virtual world full of color where you need to fight against a bunch of opponents and solve puzzles simultaneously.

Look! The enemy is on the way, so grab your weapon and attack their weak spots. As progressing, the number of enemies will increase more and more. During the middle stages, use your sword to slide bullets and other ammunition in the fights.

Keep slashing and reach the finish line.

Download Sword Play: iOS | Android

9. Run Sausage Run

Run Sausage Run

Run Sausage Run is another fun, interesting mobile game.

Take part in the escape with a sausage guy who is trying to run away from the horror kitchen to avoid being chopped by knives or grilled on pans. There are countless traps here, so you must help him survive.

The further you go, the more points you get. While running, make sure to guide the sausage to dodge deadly sharp knives that can slice him in many pieces, or hot stoves, etc. Don’t forget to pick up gold coins to buy upgrades to overcome traps.

Aside from the sausage, you can unlock other skins.

Download Run Sausage Run: iOS | Android

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8. Run Race 3D

Run Race 3D

In Run Race 3D, you will experience the real challenge with hundreds of unique levels.
Once entering the main arena, you will compete against other players, overcome all levels, collect coins and unlock new characters. There are dozens of maps and all require different set of skills that will give you fun experience in a unique way.

You need to beat 3 other opponents in each race. The rules are very simple, and each round is less than a minute. The important thing is that you have to find a way to be faster and beat them to become the champion.

Can you reach the finish line?

Download Run Race 3D: iOS | Android

7. Crowd Master

Crowd Master

Blast your enemies away in Crowd Master!

Become a long fighter and fight against multiple enemies here. It’s fun to be the protagonist in the game where you can show off our skills and teach those bad guys a lesson.

The gameplay is simple – all you have to do is to knock down hordes of enemies! Don’t hesitate to unleash amazing moves so that you can eliminate them all and clear your path. Keep moving forward to new platforms for more fights once finishing off the current antagonists.

Collect as many coins as possible for upgrades and skins!

Download Crowd Master: iOS | Android

6. Cheerleader Run 3D

Cheerleader Run 3D

Here comes Cheerleader Run 3D, a simple and fun runner game, in which you’re in charge of creating the biggest cheerleader team for a cheerleading show.

You will start the race alone, but later more girls will join your cheerleading squad. The task in this game is simple: as the leader of the team, your job is to recruit new members.

Once the number of team members increases, they will form a beautiful tower of people and parade the stadium. Lead them to the end of the road and they will end the show with an extremely lively and beautiful performance.

Download Cheerleader Run 3D: iOS | Android

5. Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook

If you want to test your patience, Stickman Hook is a perfect option.

This game is for people who don’t like to live "in a hurry". If you’re looking for something fun to pass the time, try it now. Quite like a cool math game, you will take control of a jumpy stickman who is trying to swing place to place on the ropes hanged at the pinpoints on the wall. The rope can be long or short depending on your jumps.

Swing here and there to move forward. The goal in each level is to reach the finish line successfully. Not many obstacles and deadly traps – you just need to avoid falling to the ground.

Download Stickman Hook: iOS | Android

4. Pencil Rush

Pencil Rush

Overcome obstacles in Pencil Rush, a colorful racing game!

This game requires you to run through obstacles by collecting crayons scattered on the ground. Along the way, there are lots of objects that will hinder you, such as trees, cameras, books, walls, and many more. You need to reach the end of a level as quick as possible and draw a picture with your crayons.

Easy to play, your job here is to dodge all the obstacles and pick up the pencils. You can earn many rewards here to boost your pencil stats.

Download Pencil Rush: iOS | Android

3. Catwalk Beauty

Catwalk Beauty

Be the queen of all fashion runways in Catwalk Beauty!

You’ll be taken to the fashion week where you participate in different fashion shows with various themes. The main objective in the game is to pick out the best outfits matching the theme of the show perfectly. Try to impress the judges and beat the opponent for a high score.

At the beginning of each level, make sure to remember the theme of the show to prepare the right clothes. Keep in mind that you have very little time to choose the costume, so be fast. Earn money to unlock more exclusive outfits.

Download Catwalk Beauty: Android

2. Beauty Run

Beauty Run

Are you up for a new fun challenge? Join Beauty Run!

These ladies want to change their style. Let’s start with their hair and nails. In this beauty salon, your job here is to guide your customers to collect all the cool objects on the track, then use them to paint their hair and nails.

Sounds very simple, right!

Have fun makeover time!

Download Beauty Run: iOS | Android

1. Sky Roller

Sky Roller

You’re a professional skater in Sky Roller!

Put on your roller skates and conquer all challenging tracks. In this game, your character will move forward automatically, so your job here is to navigate her to stay balanced and not to crash into obstacles or fall into the abyss.

Complete each level well and you can achieve many rewards such as diamonds and experience points. Use both to purchase new characters and unique skates. You can also unlock new obstacles for more challenges.

Let’s start your adventure in the sky!

Download Sky Roller: iOS | Android

Wrap up

I hope you enjoyed our selection of 12 best running mobile games for free! Today the focus is on games available for both iOS and Android users, but most of them can be played online via browsers.

If you’re a big fans of running games, don’t miss this article!

Wish to find more interesting games to relax during your leisure time, we’ve got your back – a bunch of options above is for your exploration.

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