Check Out 5 Games Like Minecraft For Kids

Do your kids enjoy playing Minecraft?

Undoubtedly, this sandbox game from Mojang has become one of the most popular games through a decade.

Not only your children, but also the celebrities’ express their passion as well as interest for Minecraft. Since the first day, it has been considered as a good game stimulating a child’s creativity and imagination skills.

Nowadays, several schools have used Minecraft as an education tool helping your kids improve their problem-solving abilities and so on. Besides playing other games similar Minecraft will challenge their brain on different parts.

Are you searching for games like Minecraft?

Check out the list below – these are recommended games for kids who love Minecraft:

1. RoBlox


What makes this game similar to Minecraft? You have an open-ended sandbox in which allows you to create anything you want to. Want to generate a huge building where you can hold different kinds of parties? Go for it!

Host a disco party and complete it with an on-stage DJ and flashing lights. In RoBlox, you are free to do whatever you crave to. No limitation here, only possibilities and your creativity.

Still, RoBlox is also unique in its own way – this game focuses mainly on making online friends. Everything in the virtual world is the result of every player; therefore it’s perfect for kids who have great passion for construction.

Kids can access RoBlox on any device.

2. Blocksworld


If you want your kids to unleash their creativity, Blocksworld is one of the ultimate choices. Over 4 million awesomely fun creations created by other players to enjoy, make your very own games, and generate a lot of cool stuff.

In this building game, all players need is to navigate drag and drop controls for the building accomplishment. Your children can interact and share creations with other kids from different places globally. Participate in this building app and you’ll realize that all possibilities are limitless.

Players can sell their custom creations to other players for coins which can be converted to real cash.

Blocksworld is appropriated for kids of all ages.

This free 3D building game is available on iOS.

3. Growtopia


What to do in Growtopia?

Like Minecraft, you will be taken to a 3D world where you need to generate the whole land by planting trees, sowing seeds, and building your dream structures.

Also, this creative sandbox platformer gives you space to chat and trade with other players from all over the world. Plenty of mini-games are awaiting you to solve, or you can create puzzles of yourself to challenges others.

Growtopia is for sure a good game for kids of 12-14 years old.

Download Growtopia for your Android or iOS device.

4. Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds is inspired heavily by both Minecraft and Lego. Well, you can easily recognize lots of commons in these two games at a first glance. In this game, you are able to build and destroy all of your buildings.

For all starters, Lego Worlds offers the campaign mode which lets you enjoy the classic Lego-style gameplay just like the original. By savoring this 3D Lego building game, your kids can feel exactly what the Lego charm is and develop great interest in creating as well as building things.

Encourage your children to create a splendid Lego Worlds from today!

Play it on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One

5. Block Craft 3D

Block Craft  3D

Accessing Block Craft 3D and players will be given an opportunity to create everything by themselves. You will have your own village where you need to craft all necessary items, from furniture to planes.

In this unlimited open-ended safe world, you don’t have to deal with monsters.

Instead, freely explore the possibilities in the app, expand your worlds, and assist other players in completing their creations. Guess what? Your kids can sell their creations for rewards.

Block Craft 3D is one of free 3D building games that children must try.

You can easily find this 3D city building app on Microsoft, Google Play or App Store.

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