Crysis – Intro Walkthrough – Chapter 1: Contact

The cinematic intro starts with the view of a dark chamber with crystal spikes. A date is displayed onscreen:

August 7th, 2020

Helena: (static) … This is Dr. Helena Rosenthal of the IAS research team on the Lingshan Islands. We … The North Koreans have assumed control … (static) They’re rounding up civilians outside …

We found something … buried in the rock … this discovery could change the future of the planet. The Koreans don’t know what they’re dealing with …

(stifled scream) Please …

Note: An alien door within the mountain interior opens in the darkness.

Note: The video game Crysis loads a cinematic intro to brief the player on what’s happening, where, and why you are here. The following text is displayed onscreen as the cinematic intro begins: Seven Days later … Lingshan Islands, Phillipines Sea – August 14th, 2020.

Note: A military airplane approaches Lingshan Islands.

Pilot: Command this is Skychief, we’re at angels 25, bearing east. We’re getting some radar interference. Looks like an electrical storm brewing.

Pilot 1: That’s a negative, SkyChief. Nothing on our side. Skies are clear. Over.

Pilot: Roger, command. Must be a malfunction. ETA to drop zone: three minutes.

Note: Camera shifts to the interior of the airplane. Nomad is sleeping during the flight, and Jester wakes him up.

Jester: Hey, Nomad. You still with us?

Prophet: OK. Listen up, gentlemen. Intel reports a significant military presence on the island. We have the element of surprise so let’s use it. The North Koreans can’t know we’re here.

Psycho: They wont’ even know what hit’ em.

Prophet: Can it, Psycho. Pay attention. This is a covert operation. Our job is to locate and evacuate. We’re not at war here.

Psycho: Not yet.

Jester: Prophet, do we even know if these people are still alive?

Prophet: That’s what we’re here to find out. We lost contact with Dr. Rosenthal a week ago when the North Korean military locked down the island. Two days ago we picked up a distress signal from the team’s research vessel. Someone down there wants to be found.

Pilot: Raptor Team, we are beginning approach. Stand by for green.

Prophet: Alright. Gear up. Masks on. Once we clear the plane, form up on me. Chutes on my mark.

Pilot: Green in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1

Prophet: Go! Go! GO! See you guys at the LZ. (aka Landing Zone)

Note: All five Raptor Team nanosuit members jump off the airplane backdoor and dive through the sky toward the Landing Zone. As they sky dive, they start talking to each other.

Aztec: So, JSOC’s got us chasing archeologists now? This’ll be a cakewalk.

Jester: I’ve heard of this guy. He musta found something big to buy all this heat.

Aztec: Whatever … Fifty bucks says this Rosenthal ain’t the real reason we’re here.

Note: Prophet appears through the left falling faster to take the lead.

Prophet: Lock it up, team, stay focused. We’ve got limited intel going in. Op Com’s bein’ moved to the USS Constitution. Until they’re five-by-five we’re on our own. Chutes on my command … GO!

Note: Suddenly an alien object flies past them knocking off Nomad’s chute.

Jester: What the hell …? You see that?

Psycho: Nomad’s hit!

Jester: He lost his chute!

Nomad: My chute’s gone! My damn chute is gone! I’ve got no main, no reserve.

Prophet: Keep it together, kid. You’re over water. Your suit should absorb the impact. Nomad! What’s your status?

Nomad: I’m OK, I’m OK but my HUD’s scrambled. What the hell was that?

Prophet: I don’t know, but you missed the LZ. Make your way to the beach.

Nomad: On my way.

Jester: Did ANYONE hit the LZ?

Prophet: You guys are all over the place. Check in.

Psycho: Psycho here. Down and on the move.

Jester: Jester’s down. Proceeding to LZ.

Prophet: Aztec, I have negative visual feed from your unit. Report. Aztec! Report. Damn it.

Note: Game Saved. Get to the beach. Completed.

Nomad: Prophet, I’ve made it to the beach.

Prophet: You hit the water pretty hard. Some of your suit functions are offline. Let me run a quick diagnostic. Your video feed is breaking up. I’m gonna try to recalibrate. Alright. Your suit checks out. You’re back online.

Still no word from Aztec. Nomad, rendezvous with Jester and head to Aztec’s location.

Check your objectives display.

Objective: Rendezvous with Jester.

Note: A few tutorial lessons are provided in this initial beach incursion.

Hold [Mouse 3: aka the Mouse wheel] to access the nanosuit controls.

[Tab] button to View objectives and map.

[Mwhell Up]. [Mwheel Down] – Zoom map

Hold [Right Ctrl] – Crouch

[T] – Melee

[Z] – Prone

[C] – Access weapon modification mode

[X] Switch to sleep bullet fire mode when using the tactical attachment.

[Num 0] – Jump

[Mouse 1] – Fire weapon

Prophet: Make sure your silencer’s attached. Careful, Nomad. Enemy contact up ahead.

Engage cloak mode by holding down your mouse wheel, and selecting the five o’clock icon (Cloak mode). Make sure pressing [C] that the silencer is activated. Press the [Mouse 2] mouse right-button to shift to Weapon Sights mode for a red laser aim.

You will see a KPA (Korean soldier) on the rock above you. Shoot his head.

Approach quick the edge of the rock, and go into cloak mode. There are only two KPA approaching down the beach to investigate the sudden death of their partner. Dispatch them.

Grab their weapons, and shift to Speed mode by holding your mouse wheel and selecting the twelve o’clock option. Hold down the [Right Shift] to speed up.

Look at the mini-map and chase the green mark. That’s where you will rendezvous with Jester. There are no more KPA soldiers for now. Just a cut-scene.

Aztec: Prophet, this is Aztec. You copy?

Prophet: I read you. Give a sit-rep. (aka Situation Report)

Aztec: Something took a swipe at me on the way down. I’m caught up in the trees. OK, Aztec, hang tight. Help’s on the way.

Jester: Nomad. Up here.

Note: Rendevous with Jester. Completed.

Jester: C’mon, let’s get to Aztec.

Note: Assist Aztec. Activated.

Aztec: Prophet … I’m not alone out here.

Prophet: What have you got, Aztec?

Aztec: KPA. Four man patrol …

Prophet: Have you been compromised?

Aztec: Negative … but they’re close … Wait … Something’s …

Note: Lot of shots are heard and the KPA are screaming.

Prophet: Aztec! Talk to me!

Aztec: Madre Santisima! (From Spanish Translation: Holiest Mother)

Prophet: Aztec! Sound off now!

Aztec: No temere mal, no temere mal, no temere … (From Spanish Translation: I will fear no evil, I will fear no evil, I will …) PROPHET! HELP ME!!!

Prophet: Nomad, Jester, get to him. Now! Go! Go!

Jester: Nomad, better stick to armor mode. Never know when you’ll need it. Damn! What IS that? Jesus … what the hell happened here?

Note: The four KPA patrol soldiers lie on the ground dead, and bleeding.

Jester: Did you hear that?

Note: Drops noises are heard. As Jester approaches, and moves past a fallen tree he finds a pool of blood[?]

Jester: I don’t like this, man.

Note: Jester looks up to find out the source.

Jester: Shit! Son of a bitch!

Note: Aztec is hanging upside down from his chute stuck on the trees. He is dead. His arm and leg torn and missing as if something chewed it off.

Prophet: Jester, report in. What’s Aztec’s status?

Jester: Dead, boss.

Prophet: Dammit! What the hell is going on out there?

Jester: I don’t know. But I don’t think we’re alone out here …

Prophet: What have you got? KPA?

Jester: Negative, sir. We got four dead Koreans but there’s no way Aztec killed ’em. Something else took these guys out. Tore the bodies up bad.

Prophet: Damn it. Alright, pay your respects and move on. We’ll rendezvous at the landing zone.

Jester: What about Aztec, sir? We just gonna leave him hanging here?

Prophet: Negative. I’m gonna vaporize. We can’t allow the Koreans to get their hands on that suit. Stand back.

Jester: Damn. I never get used to that. Adios, amigo.

Note: Assist Aztec. Completed.

Prophet: Jester, take care of his equipment and cover our tracks. Nomad, move out to the LZ.

Nomad: Got it, boss.

Jester: I’m on it, Prophet.

Objective: Rendezvous at the Landing Zone. Activated.

Note: Look at the mini-map. Head north toward the green mark. There is a wall of rocks. Hold down the mouse wheel button and select the Strength Mode (closed fist icon) then press [Num 0] to jump using strength jump.

Jester: What the hell was that?

Prophet: Hold on. I’m seeing movement ahead. Switch to cloak mode. KPA patrol. Deal with ’em. Nice and quiet.

Note: Dispatch the two KPA soldiers. Now look at the mini-map. The green mark is to the east.

Prophet: Nomad, I just lost our comsat to JSOC. Our whole tactical display’s down. The KPA must be using a GPS jammer near your location. Find it and take it out.

Nomad: Copy, Prophet. I’m on it.

Objective – Secondary: Disable the GPS jamming device. Activated.

Note: The mini-map shows now a yellow mark by the beach, indicating the location of the GPS jammer. Looks like a small wagon with a rotating radar. As you approach the beach, the camera view is narrowed to panoramic view.

Prophet: We spotted KPA patrols down on the beach. Use your binocs to tag ’em before you run in blind.

Note: Press [B] to use the binoculars. The Mouse wheel up and down allows you to zoom in and out. The binoculars will show you the location of the GPS Jamming device.

Nomad: I see a large transmitting array. That must be the jamming station.

Prophet: Shit, they’ve called in reinforcements. Enemy units headed your way. Nomad, we’re blind here until you find that jammer.

There are at least four KPA around the beach. One boat is patrolling the coastal waters. One KPA is manning a turret aboard that boat, so head down your right in cloak mode. There are some rocks nicely placed to take cover while you recharge cloak energy. Dispatch the guard patroling the right side of the GPS jamming device.

Note: You can go silently and deactivate the jammer, or engage enemy units, but they will call for reinforcements. If you go that way, Prophet will remind you the secondary objective.

Prophet: We need to re-establish comms with JSOC. Find that jammer, Nomad, and take it out.

Note: Secondary: Disable the GPS jamming device. Completed.

Prophet: Good job! Tac system back online. Proceed to the LZ.

Note: Inside the cabin you will find two FY71 Ammo, and a Pistol ammo. Nothing else is found in the docks, or elsewhere in this area. Go take the jeep if reinforcements came. Otherwise, go along the road to the south.

Not too far in when Prophet talks, there’s two KPA watching the road. Move in in cloak mode. Both have FY71 ammo. Grab them.

Prophet: The LZ is overrun! Psycho and I are moving to the signal location … Nomad, there’s a checkpoint blocking the path up the valley so deal with that first. Transmitting the co-ordinates now.

Note: Switch to speed mode by holding down your mouse wheel and selecting the uppermost icon. Run Southeast and to your left to find the beach cliff.

Switch to cloak mode. Jump down the cliff, and keep moving forward to the beach. Use the rocks to hide while you wait for cloak energy to replenish. If your energy is running out, and rocks aren’t nearby, the palm trees will do a nice hiding place to keep you off sight while you repleshing energy.

There is a jeep with a manned turret so stay out of sight or cloaked, there is also a turret-manned boat patrolling the coast, and three KPA soldiers are sneaking toward you among the rocks around the beach.

Best way to surprise them is to climb a big rock on the beach.

You can shoot them from up the rock, but make sure to stay out of sight of the jeep to the east, and the patrolling boat. Dispatch the three KPA, but beware. Two more KPA will come from the area near the jeep, so stay back and hide behind the rock while you replenish cloak energy.

Sometimes the KPA will throw frag grenades if they see you hiding behind the rocks. You will see a red highlighted frag grenade coming your way. Better run when you see those. All the five KPA have FY71 Ammo. Grab them.

Position yourself behind the rock edge, and make sure the jeep is out of your line of sight to get a headshot on the incoming KPA walking toward you. This prevent unnecessary damage from the jeep turret. Use your surroundings to your advantage. Always. Throughout the whole game.

Switch to cloak mode, and hide behind a rock. Press [Mouse 2] right-button to switch to Weapon Sight. You can use the laser view attachment by pressing [C] if it’s missing.

Aim and kill the KPA manning the turret on the Jeep.

Prophet: Listen up! We’ve tracked the distress signal to a valley 3 clicks due east. Psycho and I are inbound. Get to the rendezvous but be advised, enemy forces are dug in deep.

Nomad: Copy, Prophet.

Note: Take the Jeep by pressing [F] near it, and press [F1] to switch to third-person view. Hit [1] to turn on the jeep. As soon as you move out, the game will be saved.

Just around the corner, you will be surprised by another jeep standing still. You will be greeted by the KPA manning its turret. There are three KPA on the right side of the road as you pass by, and another KPA standing next to the jeep. Take them out with the jeep turret.

There is a sixth and seventh KPA not far away by the boat resting on the beach. Make sure to watch the Jeep’s damage meter. You should abandon the jeep if it reaches 85% or the explosion will kill you.

At this point, there is a boat harbor on sight by the beach, and there are two KPA checkpoints full and loaded with guards. You will mostly be on foot, and that’s a long journey. If you like adventures, be prepared for a tough fight. If you like the stealth approach, saving time, you should grab the boat. Try to stay away from the coast to avoid enemy fire from afar.

I prefer this strategic option because as soon as you hit the KPA check point base, you will get a secondary objective to find a computer terminal all the way on the other side of the island which can be accessed by sea saving you valuable time.

Prophet: Nomad, I’m reading a lot of enemy activity close to your position. Keep a low profile. If they spot you, they’ll call in re-enforcements.

Note: In the mini-map you will see the coast looks like a crater, keep heading north and go past those small islands until Prophet says this:

Prophet: Nomad, JSOC indicates that the KPA have a command post on the eastern peninsula. I need you to infiltrate and check for intel on enemy emplacements. I’m uploading the co-ordinates now.

Nomad: Roger that.

Secondary: Investigate North Korean Command Post. Activated.

Note: You should keep driving the boat as far from the coast as possible, until you see a battleship in the horizon. Kill the boat that is no doubt going to open fire on your boat. Get as close to the boat as you can — tackle it and shoot at both KPA on the boat that upclose.

Keep heading north. You will see a message onscreen: Game saved.

Prophet: Nomad, you’re closing in on that command post. I suggest you switch to cloak and sneak in undetected.

Note: As soon as Prophet says this, stop the boat. Look to your right. Get the boat to the rocky beach shown in the previous image and the image below.

Above the cliff is a command post. Climb the cliff by jumping the rocks in strength mode. As soon as you have reached the top, you will see a red barrel.

Switch to cloak mode and use rocks and palm trees to hide while replenishing cloak energy. Move toward the metallic housing shown below.

You can enter this compound without shooting a single KPA. The objective is to enter the metallic housing and to click the computer terminal within.

There is a FY71 ammo on the table next to the trailer entrance, and another FY71 to the left of the computer terminal. Behind it is a grenade pack.

Press [F] on the computer terminal to begin downloading data.

Nomad: Got it. I’m in. Downloading now.

Secondary: Access North Korean Tactical Network. Completed.

Nomad: Got the intel. Proceeding to rendezvous.

Prophet: Good work, Nomad. According to these reports they have evacuated the entire civilian population in a matter of days.

Psycho: What the hell are they hiding?

Prophet: It gets better … Looks like General Ri Chan Kyong is in charge of the whole operation. If you thought this’d be easy, think again. Kyong means business, and he’s got the KPA’s elite Special Forces unit watching his back.

Note: As you leave the metallic housing, a message onscreen shows up: Game Saved. The easy way out of here is walking to the south and immersing into the jungle to hide behind a rock to replenish energy.

This is how the command post looks like down the hill from the road.

There are about two or three KPA down the road. Stay out of sight. If they see you or you kill one, they will sound the alarm and re-enforcements will clock in on you. If that happens, just keep running down the road. You will see two civilian pickup trucks. Aboard one and drive it toward the green mark in the mini-map (the KPA checkpoint).

Stop the civilian pickup truck when Prophet talks and says the following:

Prophet: We ran into a KPA check point up here. You’re gonna need some firepower to get past it. Stock up on grenades if you can find ’em.

Note: The game will auto-save here again. Keep to your left and hug the wall literally until you reach the checkpoint.

Don’t need to enter the small village nearby. That’s like entering a beehive. As soon as the “going up the hill” ends, cloak. Prophet will warn you.

Prophet: You’re approaching a line of KPA defenses. Use grenades to blast your way through.

Note: Past the bushes, you will see a barricade. Keep hugging the wall and hide behind rocks to replenish cloak energy.

While Prophet gives some nice advise from time to time, I suggest the stealthy approach, and taking a few headshots.

Walk toward the left side of the barricade and kneel down. Strike a headshot on the KPA soldier next to you. Because you are kneeling, the other two KPA by the barricade entrance won’t have sight of you. Shoot one, then stand up and shoot the other one.

Grab their ammo, one will have a shotgun. Replace your FY71 with the shotgun. It is not so great for long distances, but packs a punch in close encounters. You have about 20 sec to grab all ammo. Three KPA soldiers will come down the path uphill. You can hear them talking.

Hide behind the tree and use line of sight. Use the tree to block your view from the other two soldiers, and headshot the first one coming down the hill. Cloak, then shoot the second. Hide behind the tree. Cloak, and shoot the third.

Prophet: Nomad. Get to the rendezvous ASAP. There’s something here you need to see.

Nomad: What have you got, Prophet?

Prophet: Just get up here. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

Nomad: On my way.

Go up the hill to the top where you will find a small camp with a communications antenna tower. Before the corner, cloak. Approach quietly.

There are two KPA on sight. Shoot the red barrel to make it explode. Both KPA will die.

Another KPA will come from the back of the camp (if the explosion didn’t kill him), so cloak or hide ASAP. That one in the back will likely throw a grenade if you are hiding behind the rock. Dispatch him. You will find a grenade stack and a FY71 Ammo pack near the antenna tower.

You don’t need to backtrack through the path. Just jump down to the path on the east side of the cliff.

Because of the explosion, you might see around three KPA coming from the nearby village. You can either dispatch them or you can ignore them and run through the KPA checkpoint — the green mark on your mini-map.

Use speed mode, then switch to strength mode to jump above the rock formation.

There’s no more KPA after this point. Rendezvous with Prophet, Psycho and Jester who are waiting for you.

They found a boat in the middle of the mountain top. The whole area is frozen and covered with ice. This is where the signal for help was originally detected. This is the LZ, or landing zone all of Raptor Team was supposed to land on when they jumped from the airplane. The alien object incident that broke Nomad’s chute was the cause to break formation into the LZ.

Prophet: ‘Bout time you showed up. You believe this?

Jester: Looks like someone had a little trouble parking their boat …

Prophet: We seem to have hit a dead-end. And I’ve lost our secure channel to JSOC. Too much electrical interference on this island.

Psycho: Hey, boss. I got something. Topographic Map. There’s an area highlighted.

Prophet: This valley here must be where the excavation site is located.

Psycho: How can you be sure?

Prophet: I’m not. But it’s all we’ve got to go on. We need to get moving.

Psycho: I’m not going anywhere until you give me some answers. I’m not buying that ‘locate and evacuate’ bullshit any more.

Jester: Yeah, since when do the North Koreans have themselves a motherfucking Freeze-Ray?

Psycho: Damn straight! I feel like I jumped into a bloody’ comic book here!

Prophet: I’ve told you everything you need to know.

Psycho: That’s bollocks and you know it. Aztec’s dead and we ain’t got the first idea what killed him.

Jester: I saw him up close, boss; he was mutilated, ripped in two. I mean what are we dealing with here? ‘Cause it ain’t just Koreans.

Psycho: Jester’s right. If this Rosenthal guy was a proper nut — we wouldn’t be here.

Prophet: Cut the crap, Psycho. You’ve all been fully briefed. Our job is to find those people and that’s what we’re going to do. We’re moving out now, and that’s —

Jester: What the —

Note: Loud alien noises seem to be approaching. The camera view of Nomad (you) moves back and forth looking upwards.

Jester: Something’s here. Holy shit.

Note: The boat is split in half as a unknown alien creature breaks in and grabs Jester and swings him back and forth. Then disappears as fast as it broke in.

Psycho: It’s got Jester.

Prophet: We have to go … we have to go. NOW! Come on! Move! Move!

Objective: Rendezvous at the distress signal. Completed.

Find Jester. Activated.

Psycho: Do you see it?! Where’d it go?!

Prophet: This way! Come on! Move!

Korean Soldier 1: What the hell is that!

Psycho: Bloody hell! You see that thing?!

Prophet: Stay on track. We’ve gotta find Jester. To the east.
Let’s go! Let’s go! Keep after him! Go! Go! Come on, we need to find Jester. Let’s move out.

Note: If you are quick moving toward the green mark on the mini-map, looking down the cliff, you will manage to see the alien retreating away from Jester. Jump down to end the Intro level.

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