Crysis – Walkthrough – Chapter 2: Recovery

Psycho: Dead. Son of a bitch!

Prophet: G– damn it!

Psycho: What’s happening, boss? We’re dropping like flies.

Prophet: I’d tell you if I knew. You have my word … Stand back now; I’m gonna vaporize.

Psycho: So long, mate …

Prophet: Eyes open, boys. KPA comms center up ahead. Watch my back, Nomad.

[Capture the communications trailer. Activated.]

[Onscreen Mission: Trespass]

Prophet: Psycho, cover us.

Psycho: On it.

Prophet: Nomad, you’re with me. G– damn … nothing but bodies. Area looks clear. Move in on that trailer. I’m going to access the KPA’s secure channel. Nomad, you and Psycho secure the perimeter.

Alright, listen up! The KPA are holding a civilian hostage in the village about a click ahead. Could be one of Rosenthal’s crew.

Nomad, I need you to infiltrate the village and gather any intel you can. I’ll stay here and monitor incoming comms. Your priority is to find that hostage. Understood?

Nomad: Understood.

Prophet: Psycho will provide support as soon as we’re done here.

[Capture the communications trailer. Completed]

[Find the hostage in the village. Activated.]

Note: You will find one FY71 ammo pack near Prophet. Three FY71 packs on the other side of the trailer standing on wood boxes. Don’t waste time exploring the nearby houses. There’s nothing to find.

Use speed mode to reach the jeep located down the road.

Prophet: Low and slow. Intel suggests snipers and armored patrols up ahead. I’m moving out to secure a rendezvous location. I’ll keep you briefed.

Psycho: Nomad, I’ll take the high ground. Confirm when you’re inside the village.

Note: Once Psycho says this, you will see a jeep approaching in your direction. The enemy awareness meter on the left-side of the mini-map is half-way. If you prefer the stealthy approach, cloak and get real close to the jeep to kill the armed soldier. Otherwise, keep driving the jeep and use the turret to kill the guy atop the incoming enemy jeep. Kill the driver leaving the jeep too.

There are two KPA soldiers resting on the beach below to your left, they will no doubt come to investigate the shooting noises.

There are two possible options for you. You can be stealthy about reaching the KPA radar station, or choose the all-out war approach.

If you prefer the stealthy approach, leave the road and move to the right up the hill into the jungle. There is a sniper patrolling up there.

[Game Saved]

After the onscreen message, you will find the sniper. Get a headshot. Beyond this cliff you will find a road going uphill. Beware. There are groups of three soldiers coming down that road on patrol duty. It’s safe to ignore them. Stealth and hide behind trees or bushes as needed until you reach the road. Walk up the road.

You can use the house to your left to hide and recharge energy before reaching the KPA radar station.

If you prefer the all-out war approach, drive the jeep up the road toward this KPA radar station, killing all soldiers in your way.

Prophet: You’re approaching a KPA radar station. Find a terminal and access their tactical network.

[Secondary: Access the NK tactical network. Activated]

The house is empty. It only serves to hide, while you recharge cloak energy. The low fence ahead will cover you from enemy sight too. Move toward the left to stay covered by bushes.

Now you will see the KPA radar station. There are two KPA soldiers standing in the front. Stay cloaked and follow the fence to move behind the radar vehicle. Kneel down and decloak. The fence will block enemy view so you can recharge cloak energy.

There is a KPA soldier patrolling once you walk around the corner of the fence.

Move to the back of the house where you will find a supply of weapons: a Precision Rifle and a Missile Launcher both resting on the wall near the door. A grenade pack, three FY71 Ammo packs and two pistol guns over the boxes outside the house.

Grabbing any of them will make noise and alert the KPA soldier inside the house, who will come out to investigate. It’s hard to keep silent and remain undetected, so stay in this area and start the headshots using the window and wall as your cover.

As soon as the fireworks start, you will fight seven KPA soldiers searching for you.

Inside the house is a FY71 ammo pack and a FY71 weapon on the table behind the computer terminal. There are three more FY71 weapons and a pack on the other table, and another Precision Rifle resting against the same table.

Press [F] to access the computer terminal. A picture of a school is displayed on its screen.

Prophet: Heads up. We now have exact co-ordinates. The contact is being held in the school. Check your nav.

Nomad: They’re tracking something on the monitor. Looks like a naval fleet heading our way.

Psycho: Must be the cavalry. An entire fleet just for us?

Prophet: That’s not your concern. Stay focused on finding that hostage.

[Secondary: Access the NK tactical network. Completed]

[Find the hostage in the village. Completed]

Note: There might be a soldier sneaking into the KPA radar station. Probably heard the shooting from afar, or maybe he naturally walks into the KPA Radar Station after his patrol path behavior, and notices the corpses. Either way, on your toes.

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