Crysis – Walkthrough – Chapter 3: Relic

Prophet: The situation’s FUBAR. I still can’t reach JSOC on the secure channel. Must be another jammer, we need to find it and take it out. Until then we’re on our own.

The highlighted area of the map is about 3 clicks up this valley.

Note: A weird alien horn sound is heard in the distance. Prophet rise his brow and ponders.

Prophet: The sooner we are off this rock the better.

Note: Prophet’s nanosuit starts shortcircuiting out of the blue. Nomad’s visor view gets noise artifacts as if breaking up visual. A massive alien vessel decloaks near Nomad and swoops down to capture Prophet, disappearing in the distance with its prey flying at an incredible speed over the trees.

Nomad: Prophet! G-dammit! Prophet!

[Secondary: Disable North Korean GPS jamming station. Activated]

Nomad: What the hell?! Prophet, you read me? Come in, Prophet. Come in! Dammit!

Strickland: Nomad, this is Major Strickland at Op Com. We just lost your squad leader. Suit readings and location signal are negative! What the hell is going on down there?!

Nomad: Prophet is MIA! (aka Missing in Action) I repeat: Prophet is MIA! I’ve got two men down and something just grabbed Prophet. It dragged him into the jungle! He’s gone!

Strickland: We’re going to pull you out of there, son. Sit tight and I’ll get a bird down there to you ASAP.

Nomad: Negative, sir. I can still complete. I’ve got intel on Rosenthal’s location. He’s being held at an excavation site somewhere near a Korean military base. I’m going after him.

Strickland: It’s your call, son. But our GPS system is being jammed. We can provide no tactical support at this time. If you can locate and disable the jammer I’ll run a satellite scan of the area and see if we can locate that excavation site.

Nomad: Copy, Major. Much appreciated.

Note: The first thing you should do is to look around the ground for Prophet’s weapon. It’s easy to just move forward and miss this little secret gift. You will find near the precision rifle a Grenade Launcher Attachment.

These are handy to blow up things like a jeep, a sniper tower, or a bunch of soldiers close to each other. To use the Grenade Launcher Attachment simply press [X] to toggle between the following modes: single-bullet shots, multi-bullet shots or Grenade Launcher shots.

Move to your right to find a Cabbage plantation field.

Move parallel to the fence for cover until you reach the back of the small house.

A jeep will drive in and its two passengers will abandon the jeep to meet up with another two soldiers. Take one down with a headshot using the cloak tactic after shooting him to target the next soldier.

After all four KPA soldiers are dead, approach the table. You will find the following ammo:

  • FY71 ammo x 2
  • Pistol ammo x 2
  • Pistol (weapon) x 1
  • Shotgun (weapon) x 1
  • Shotgun ammo x 2Note: After gathering ammo from the table, I recommend following the fence toward the nearby village. The stealthy approach is the best decision to shutdown the GPS jammer. Otherwise, you will have to deal with a very intense battle. The all-out-war approach in this specific village means 24 KPA soldiers coming to kill you. Now that I have your attention, and jaw-dropped, take the stealthy approach, buddie.

    All-out-war option: If you wish to go Rambo, good luck. Drive the jeep all the way into the village until you are in front of the green building trailer and use it as a stand-still refuge to take out all the 24 KPA soldiers. Just be careful with incoming KPA soldiers throwing grenades past the door, and KPA soldiers shooting with shotguns. These can kill you in no time.

    Stealth-approach: If you got schooled with the Rambo-style, then take my recommendation and go in quiet and cloaked. Back at the small house with those four KPA soldiers you just killed, follow the fence toward the nearby village.

    Use the white water tank tower as your focus point. Follow the fence in that direction.

    As you move along the fence, you will come across a wooden box next to the fence. Hide behind to recharge cloak energy. Keep moving along the fence until you find another wooden box. Hide there by kneeling down, and recharge.

    Look at the white water tank tower again. You will see a blue barrel. Walk toward it and hide behind the blue barrel.

    Turn around the fence to face a wall-less building storing banana boxes. Go in their direction, then kneel down behind a palette of banana boxes to recharge energy.

    Turn around and you will find behind the banana boxes the green building trailer and the GPS jammer device. Head toward the green building trailer door and hide to recharge energy.

    Move toward the GPS jammer and press [F] to disable it.

Strickland: Good job, Nomad. We’ve got our GPS system online. Satellite recon indicates a North Korean compound close to the river. Transmitting the coordinates now. We’ll scan the area for your excavation site.

Note: Hide inside the green housing trailer again to recharge energy.

[Secondary: Disable North Korean GPS jamming station. Completed]

Video: This video shows you how to reach the GPS jamming station undetected, and how to leave the village without shooting a single soldier.

[Infiltrate the KPA Military Base and gather intelligence. Activated]

Note: Exit the green building trailer and walk across the road toward the white housing. Outside on the black boxes you will find the following ammo supplies:

  • Rifle Grenade x 8
  • FY71 Rifle (weapon) x 2
  • Pistol (weapon) x 1
  • Frag Grenade x 3
  • FY71 ammo x 4

Note: Walk around the black boxes, and kneel down to recharge energy. Turn to your left toward the SW (southwest) and walk past the orange car into the nearby housing (the one with the green and blue barrels outside). Walk the length of the house kneeled down until you come to the other side. Cloak.

Walk past the two green garbage bins toward the fence and kneel down. Recharge energy. Jump the fence and enter the plantation field of what looks like red tomatoes until you reach the fence.

Jump the fence, and look at a distant wooden box by the edge of a cabbage plantation field across the road. Run toward it and kneel behind it. Make sure you are aligned correctly with the box. On line of sight you might see a jeep on the left side from your hiding place (the wooden box). That jeep has a KPA soldier manning its turret. Decloak and regenerate energy.

Cloak and move behind the rock shown in the image below. It might get tricky here to not get detected. There is a turret nest with two KPA soldiers just a few steps away.

Afterwards, reach the bushes beyond to hide. If your awareness meter gets activity try to cloak again quickly with what little energy you managed to regenerate to lower the awareness meter and keep moving through the bushes along the mountain wall. Don’t engage combat. Keep your way through the jungle hugging the mountain wall until Strickland talks again.

Strickland: Heads up, Nomad. We’re picking up a vehicle heading your way with heavy guard. Keep your eyes peeled.

Note: If you kept walking along the mountain wall, the path through the jungle will suddenly become very narrow until you reach a small cliff. Now you will notice to your left the road is below. You are positioned strategically. Below you is a convoy of KPA soldiers escorting a Transport Vehicle. Your first target should be the KPA soldier manning the Transport Vehicle’s turret.

Get a headshot, then cloak and move back so that their line of sight of you is limited to prevent enemy fire on yourself. It can be helpful to align your headshots with the horizontal rockbed.

In this strategic spot, none of the convoy will come around the mountain to reach you. The KPA soldier in front of the convoy might sometimes flank you from the left though. Look at the mini-map. If there’s any red mark on your left, then one is sneaking on you. All the five KPA soldiers will hide behind the bushes fleeing from your fire. Try to strike a few headshots from afar. When you see only two marks on your mini-map, jump down from the rocky cliff to hunt them down.

Enter the Transport Vehicle. These vehicles have a lot of health which nicely protects you from direct damage. Press the [down] + [right] arrow-buttons simultaneously to move the vehicle backwards, and turn around to go down the road into the KPA Military Compound (which I call: the Bridge station).

There are only six KPA soldiers in there. One inside a Turret Nest, and another one manning a Transport Vehicle turret. A KPA soldier will come out from the Transportation Vehicle and the driver. The other two come from the building.

Sometimes a helicopter might show up (seems to be random). If this happens, leave the vehicle immediately and cloak. Switch to Missile Launcher, and shoot the helicopter twice to destroy it. If your Missile Launcher doesn’t have the laser, press [C] to enable the laser beam attachment. If you have no Missile Launcher, grab one from inside the white building.

Enter the house (KPA Military Compound).

In the first room, you will find the following ammo supplies:

  • FY71 ammo x 2
  • Missile Launcher (weapon) x 3
  • Precision Rifle (weapon) x 1
  • Flashbang Grenade x 3
  • Smoke Grenade x 3
  • Frag Grenade x 5

In the second room of the same building you will find:

  • SMG ammo x 4
  • FY71 ammo x 7
  • Missile Launcher (weapon) x 2
  • Shotgun ammo x 3

As you see, this place is your all-purpose ammo safehouse. Make sure to grab a Missile Launcher, because you will need it later to take down a helicopter.

Video: Shows the battle of the escorted Transport Vehicle Convoy up to this point. Including the random helicopter appearance.

All full on ammo, take the other Transport Vehicle, not the one you arrived on. Reason: It has full-health, and it’s nice to have it out of your way for when you come back this route, later, you can drive through the road.

Drive past the bridge. The road here is kinda a zigzag of curves shaped like an “S”.

Thus, watch your left flank as you maneuver the road. Another Transport Vehicle will come down the road toward you shooting you with its turret. Take out the turret soldier, and kill the other four KPA soldiers coming out of vehicle.

Try not to damage their vehicle too much in case you need it later.

As you move along the road, Strickland will talk.

Strickland: Nomad, you are closing in on the North Korean compound. We’re planning an assault on the island. Any intel you can gather would be a great help. It’s heavily fortified so look for a quiet way in.

If you hear the sound of an helicopter (random happening), I recommend leaving your vehicle.

If no helicopter comes, still, leave the vehicle before reaching the North Korean Compound. There is a sniper tower that will sound the alarm.

Cloak and keep walking uphill through the jungle, not the road itself. Hide in thick bushes.

At the top of the hill you will find a fence. Get full on cloak energy, and cross the road to avoid detection from the distant sniper tower. Move along the fence to the left (mini-map says W for west) until you reach the corner of the fence.

Recharge energy, and continue to kneel down and moving along the fence now going NW (northwest). The fence ends on a massive rock, and to your left is a cliff.

The only way now is to jump the fence using Strength mode. Be quick and switch to Cloak mode before you land on the other side of the fence. The strength-mode jump depleted most of your energy, get behind one of the plantain trees for cover until you recharge energy.

There are two KPA soldiers standing in the middle of the Cabbage field about 60 yards from you. Turn to your left, and get behind the nearby fence. Your goal is to reach the vicinity of the two red antenna towers.

That fence isn’t long. Before reaching the next nearby fence make sure to regenerate energy.

When you see the corner of this new fence, stop and recharge energy.

Past the corner, beyond the two red antennas. Between the antennas and a tree, you can see in the horizon a sniper on a second tower. Position yourself so that the tree blocks the sniper’s view. Decloak, and recharge energy.

As seen in the screenshot above, while behind this tree, turn your view to the right of the two red antennas. There are two green building trailers. Walk toward the leftmost — it is an ammunition building. Hide inside the ammo building trailer.

You have two options: All-out-war (Rambo-mode) or stealthy approach. I personally love the ninja approach. It’s after all a very-Very long chapter, and I prefer to go as quick as possible. Personally, I find this chapter is the longest and the one with the most KPA soldiers. If stealthing your way through is too boring for you, be my guest and do it Rambo-style.

This base is full of KPA soldiers. I counted 16 corpses, plus the snipers on both towers. Most of them have FY71 Rifles, some have shotguns which pack a hard punch on your health, and four KPA soldiers have submachine guns. If you plan on using the submachine guns, remember the Bridge Station had SMG x 4.

The Ammo Building Trailer has the following supplies:

Shotgun (weapon) x 2
Shotgun ammo x 3
Pistol (weapon) x 3
Pistol ammo x 2
Frag Grenade x 5
FY71 Rifle x 1
Rifle Grenade x 8

Once you have cleared the base, and replenish ammo at the ammunition building, you will see three building trailers aligned in front. Go to the one in the middle to press [F] on the computer terminal.

Nomad: Accessing tactical network.

[Downloading Data]

Nomad: Download completed.

Strickland: Got it, Nomad. Nice work. Looks like the enemy forces are concentrated around that mountain. This’ll help us plan our line of attack. We also have the location of the excavation site. You should see the co-ordinates on your PDA right about … now. I suggest you take a vehicle and stick to the road.

[Checkpoint reached]

[Game saved]

[Infiltrate the KPA Military Base and gather intelligence. Completed]

[Proceed to the excavation site. Activated]

Note: Walk outside of the green building trailer where you just accessed the computer terminal, and immediately turn to your left heading toward the sniper tower to the southeast.

All buildings here are empty. Near the sniper tower is a turret nest. There is a Missile Launcher x 1 there.

Jump across the fence near the turret nest. There’s a jeep on plain sight. Press [F] to enter the jeep, and press [F1] for third-person view.

Shoot the two KPA soldiers on your left side 30 feet away. There’s a jeep near them (in case you ever need it).

You will likely draw enemy attention from your right flank. There are two or three KPA soldiers coming out of the back of a Transport Vehicle down the road to the south. (see image below)

As soon as you dispatch these, get off the jeep and take the Transport Vehicle. It has more hit points than the Jeep. Another single KPA soldier drawn by the noise starts shooting from your left flank from a fence.

The nearby house has around six KPA soldiers, take out the turret nest with your Transport Vehicle and get rid of the other five nuisances.

Once cleared, get out of the Transport Vehicle, the house has the following ammo supplies:

  • Frag Grenade x 5
  • Missile Launcher x 3
  • FY71 Rifle (weapon) x 3
  • Precision Rifle (weapon) x 1

Return to the Transport Vehicle outside, and go down the road. However, sometimes a KPA soldier is inside a turret nest near that house. Eventually, the road ends on a river.

This video shows this scene after you accessed the computer terminal and came this way toward the excavation site.

Across the river is a house with a boat outside. Get off the vehicle, and cloak. Kill the KPA soldier near the house. Five KPA soldiers will come to hunt you down. Use the house for cover, and shoot through the windows and the door.

Sometimes, a sniper might be drawn by the battle noise and shoot from above a cliff. Otherwise, ignore the nearby buildings which are empty. If you really need a Missile Launcher, optionally, you can head NW (northwest) on mini-map downhill toward two houses near the river.

Behind a black pickup truck is a pile of black boxes. There are two missile launchers on the boxes. None of these two houses behind have ammo. The one to the left houses a boat. Ignore them.

Get back to the main road, get into a black pickup truck and make a U-turn to face the two-fork road yellow sign.

Take the right path until you see the sniper tower at the excavation site. Get off the pickup truck, and cloak.

Head into the jungle on the left side of the road. You will fall down four feet, and get to view a second sniper tower in the distance and a turret nest. You better stay out of sight (hide in bushes or trees) and hide to regenerate energy, because if you get seen the alarm horn will sound warning all soldiers to come after you.

Keep moving toward the second sniper tower, and hide behind trees. Watch the enemey-awareness meter — sometimes there are two KPA soldiers in the jungle behind you. Don’t kill them. Cloak immediately before the awareness meter is fully red. Keep heading toward the sniper tower. There’s an area you can climb uphill among fallen trees.

Past the fallen trees, Nomad will communicate with Strickland.

Nomad: Strickland, I’m approaching the excavation site.

Strickland: Copy, Nomad. Infiltrate the research dome and get Rosenthal outta there. I’ll scramble a VTOL to pull you out.

[Game saved]

[Proceed to the excavation site. Completed]

[Infiltrate the research dome. Activated]

Note: As you come out of the jungle into the excavation site, to your left is one of the sniper towers. You will see three green building trailers. Move toward the closest one to you and regenerate energy inside it. Move to the next green building (middle one).

Beware. There are two sniper towers on your right too. It’s tricky to remain out of sight and to dodge them while you regenerate energy. Keep moving toward the rightmost green building trailer. That’s the ammunition building.

You can do this the stealthy way, or the all-out-war way. The ammunition building is a perfect place for the latter.

The first ammunition building trailer to the right contains the following supplies:

  • SMG ammo x 4
  • Rifle Grenade x 16
  • Grenade Launcher Attachment x 3
  • Shotgun (weapon) x 3
  • Shotgun ammo x 3
  • Submachine Gun (weapon) x 5
  • FY71 (weapon) x 2
  • FY71 ammo x 3
  • Frag Grenade x 5

About 18 KPA soldiers will come searching for you at the ammunition building trailer once you start the fireworks. Stay within until most of them are dead to avoid sniper fire from any of the three sniper towers.

Optional: Sometimes it’s tricky to shoot at snipers from afar with a FY71 rifle, or a SMG. If you didn’t pick a Precision Rifle from the previous ammo buildings, then you can either use the Missile Launcher or use a new toy available in this excavation site’s ammo building trailer — use the grenade launcher attachment (there are three) and stock up on Rifle Grenades (there are 16) to blow up their towers from close distance. Press [C] to choose the grenade launcher attachment. Then press [X] to switch from bullets attachment to grenades attachment. Press the [Mouse 1] button to shoot the grenade into the tower the way you usually shoot bullets. Guide your shots with the laser beam (accessible by pressing [C])

Once all enemies are taken care of, see your mini-map and head toward the green mark. I’d move toward the left side, and jump down into some sort of trench to block the right side’s enemy view.

On this side, you can see a KPA soldier manning a turret nest. Take him out.

Another KPA soldier will come after you. Move along the wall, and slightly look around the corner. There are two KPA on the distance.

I use that corner as a cover for the turret nest on the far right side of the excavation dome.

Once the area is clear, head into the dome through this door (with the red star on a white circle).

Get near the keypad on the right side of the door and press [F] to use.

The door opens, and a cinematic cutscene plays out. Rosenthal, the head archaeologist talks to General Kyong seen in a big screen.

Rosenthal: General Kyong, listen to me. I’m picking up some very strange readings. We need to know what we’re dealing with here before you go on …

Kyong: I’m tired of these delays. You were never this cautious with any of the other fossils … I know what happened in the Hindu Kush, Doctor.

Rosenthal: That was different … the other samples, the Afghan artifacts, the Siberian, they were all fragments. This is the first intact specimen we’ve ever found. We have to proceed with caution.

Kyong: There is no time Doctor. The Americans are already on the island.

Rosenthal: I’m not concerned with your diplomatic maneuverings, General.

Kyong: You should be. Your Pentagon will militarize this project. Do you really think they will allow you the same latitude we have?

Rosenthal: I understand. I just need a little more time. My scan is almost complete.

Kyong: This temple is our only concern. I’m not interested in your fossil, doctor.

Rosenthal: Not just a fossil. A fossilized, carbon-based machine! A machine that pre-dates man by 2 million years!

Kyong: That doesn’t matter now! This temple is the source of …

Rosenthal: Temple?! Good God man, we don’t even know what that thing is! If you open it, there’s no telling what could happen. Hold on. The first images are coming through. What the … ? That can’t be … There’s something moving … But that’s impossible … My God! Kyong! You have to stop what you’re doing! It’s too dangerous. You have no idea what’s inside!

Helena: Dad?! What’s wrong?

Rosenthal: Helena. You have to stop him. You have to get out of there now! They’re still alive!

Helena: Who’s alive? What are you talking about?

Rosenthal: The fossil … It’s still alive, it’s …

Note: Electric discharge comes off the enormous fossil as it drains power from the nearby cables.

Rosenthal: Oh, God!

Helena: Dad, we’re picking up a microwave burst transmission from your area. What did you do?

Rosenthal: Get out of there now!

Note: Nomad’s nanosuit starts shortcircuiting causing him to decloak. Rosenthal sees Nomad upclose approaching him.

Rosenthal: What the … who are you?

Nomad: U.S. Special Forces, we need to get out of here.

Rosenthal: Oh … Thank God. Kyong has my team … my daughter … up at the mine in the mountains … You have to get to them. I think we’ve made a terrible mistake!

Note: The fossil starts shortcircuiting again with a lot of electric static.

Rosenthal: What have I done?

Note: The big screen starts displaying in red text: Danger Evacuate Facility. Suddenly the entire room goes into a pitch white for about five seconds.

Suddenly, the nanosuit reboot system appears onscreen, and the whole lab appears completely icy frozen. Rosenthal is frozen with his hand stretched covering his face.

[Infiltrate the research dome. Complete]

Strickland: Nomad, we’re picking up a massive energy spike from the center of the island … what in the hell just happened out there, son?

Nomad: Rosenthal’s dead … his discovery just turned this whole place into a ice cube. They found another relic up in the mountains, a bigger one. I need to get up there fast.

Strickland: Your bird’s on its way, son. We identified a safe LZ (Landing Zone) a few clicks down the river. You’d better grab yourself a boat and head down there. I’m seeing heavy reinforcements headed your way. Haul ass, kid. It’s gonna get rough out there.

[Game Saved]

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