Crysis – Walkthrough – Chapter 4: Assault

Marine 1: So … this is the famous nano-suit we keep hearing about.

Marine 2: Man! I gotta get me one of those!

Psycho: Yeah, like Uncle Sam’s gonna spend millions to protect your scrawny arse, Johnson.

Marine 2: Hell, you won’t be mouthing off when I’ve got my super-suit! I’ll go ninja on your ass!

Psycho: Now that I’d like to see.

VTOL Pilot: OK guys, we’re entering a combat zone. We’ve got a lot of SAM activity down there. I’m going to circle around and fire countermeasures before we land.

Psycho: The KPA’s rumbled us, mate. The bastards are blowing this ridge to smithereens. Keep your head down, or you’ll lose it.

Nomad: Then why the hell are we landing here?

Psycho: It’s either shells or SAMs. Shells tend to miss more.

VTOL Pilot: This is as far as I go, gentlemen. The harbor’s still too hot. Good luck out there.

Marine 2: Damn! Wish I had one of those suits now!

Marine: Corpsman, get the injured onboard. I want this VTOL out of here now. Follow me, Sir. Lieutenant Bradley’s waiting for you at the overlook.

Marine 3: Move it soldier!

Marine 1: Incoming!

[Meet Lieutenant Bradley. Activated]

Marine 1: Get down! Get down!

Marine: Air strike’s started. Let’s move.

Note: Stand still as soon as you walk out of the VTOL. Look to the ground in front of Psycho. You will see a SCAR rifle there. Turn right, and behind you is another SCAR Rifle for extra ammo on the portable bed.

Now, follow the marine who has the flashlight, and walk the path toward the green mark in the mini-map.

Marine 2: For Christ’s sake get me some fucking help here! Where are the goddamned medics?

Marine 4: Partlett, Lancaster, set up a defensive position there!

Marine 2: Hang in there, buddy. We’re going to get you out of here.

Marine 4: And someone get that man a medic!

Note: Following the path, you will find a fence and two houses. To your right is a corpse. Grab the FY71 rifle. To your left is a black guy kneeling by a corpse. Grab the FY71 rifle for extra ammo. Turn left to see another corpse. Grab the Pistol. There is another FY71 rifle by the pile of wood.

Walk inside the house to your left. You will find the following ammo supplies:

  • SCAR Rifle x 4
  • SCAR Ammo pack x 5
  • Frag Grenade x 8
  • Precision Rifle x 1
  • Precision Rifle Ammo X 1

Get outside the house, and follow the marine holding the rifle flashlight. Now walk to Lieutenant Bradley. He is crouching by the edge of the cliff overlook. An in-game cut-scene will play.

Marine 4: Get up to the overlook, Sir. LT. Bradley is expecting you.

LT. Bradley: Osprey Command, the mission’s gone to hell. Our position has been compromised. (Explosion)

We are taking artillery fire from the harbor…

Strickland: Lieutenant, I don’t give a good god-damn about your problems. You will take out those AAs and you will hold that road! Understood?

LT. Bradley: Son of a bitch. Understood. Holy shit! There goes another one!

Note: A North American jet is hit by a AAA missile and crash lands nearby.

LT. Bradley: Nomad! We are really up against it here! The Koreans have AA guns in the harbor. Jets can’t get a lock: something’s jamming our radar. (Explosion)

We’ve gotta take out those last AAs so our heavy VTOLs can land.

Nomad: Doesn’t sound too difficult.

LT. Bradley: You want the job? You got it.

[Checkpoint Reached]

[Game Saved]

[Meet Lieutenant Bradley. Completed]

[Destroy the Anti-Aircraft Units. Activated]

Psycho: I’ll hold the ridge. Catch you up later, ok?

OBJECTIVES: Locate and Extract Civilian Hostages: U.S. forces are launching an assault on a KPA controlled harbor. Assist U.S. forces then proceed to the mine and rescue the hostages.

  • Meet Lieutenant Bradley.
  • Destroy the Anti-Aircraft Units: Clear the airspace for U.S. air support. Neutralize all Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA).

Note: Press [Tab] to open the Objectives and Map. On the map, the orange arrow is Nomad. Blue arrows are friendly marines. Your targets are the green marks pointing the location of both AAAs.

Your first target is the southern AAA, located at quadrant D-4.

First, walk down the hill and kill one of the KPA soldiers. Your team will dispatch the remaining ones. There are now about four corpses. Each has a nearby FY71 rifle. Grab them.

The security guard booth to your right has FY71 Rifle x 3 and Pistol x 2.

After you leave the security guard booth, walk a few steps toward the sniper tower. Press [F] to climb the sniper tower’s ladder. From there you get a sneak peek to the whole scenario. The image below numbers the steps to do up to the first AAA (Anti-Air Artillery).

When you reach the path curve, move left toward the edge of the cliff. There’s a rock with a V-shape. Walk slowly to the edge, and look below.

There’s a ledge below where you can jump down safely without taking damage.

Engage stealth mode, and keep walking down the cliff. Hide behind the rock at the bottom when you reach the beach. There are four KPA soldiers you can dispatch by using the rocks and vegetation for cover.

Do your best to remain out of sight of the boat patrolling the shore. After all four KPA are dead, remain low-profile. There is another KPA soldier standing in the water next to the parked boat. Get a headshot.

Stealth, and jump the fence. The house is empty, so don’t bother exploring. Just walk next to its door.

There are Missile Launcher x 2 on the table outside the house.

Walk back to the beach, and take the boat by standing near it and pressing [F]. Press the [down] and [right] arrow keys — or the [S] and [D] key simultaneously to move the boat backwards. Then move forward into the harbor. You will see an enemy boat. I prefer to drive the boat in collision course. Shoot the KPA soldier manning the turret. If things don’t work out well, get off the boat and wait a few seconds. The enemy boat is going to park by the nearby isle anyway.

Psycho: Nomad, this is Psycho. I’m heading over to the harbor. I’ll give you a shout when I find a sniper roost.

Note: After the boat soldiers are dead, drive the boat around the small isle on the right side and park it by the shore. The reasoning here is that if you go into the harbor to the big isle you will get shot by a sniper standing guard at the tower on the cliff.

By going around the small isle and parking by the shore, you remain out of sight. Leave the boat and go into strength-mode to jump up the cliff. Go uphill until you reach the opposite side. You will see a small isle and a patrolling boat.

Use the Precision Rifle to kill the soldier manning the boat’s turret.

Turn to your left until you see the Sniper Tower.

Position yourself so the tower is now below you. Easy headshot with the Precision Rifle.

Jump down the cliff, and press [F] to climb the tower. There should be a Precision Rifle X 1.

From this tower, you have a clear view of the two KPA soldiers manning both turret nests on each side of the big isle. Kill them both with the Precision Rifle.

Now use your FY71 Rifle to destroy the black mines floating on the water.

Go down the cliff toward the area you saw the previous patrolling boat. There is a boat parked down there. Press [F] to aboard it and drive it toward the big isle. You will likely draw the enemy’s attention. There is another turret on the far right of the isle. Just switch to stealth-mode, and press [F] to leave the boat. Now swim to the rocky shore.

Switch to strength-mode to climb up the rocks, and hide behind the turret nest. There might be a KPA soldier roaming the area. Kill it and draw the enemy to you using the back of the turret nest as a hideout to shoot your headshots.

Stealth and look around you. To your left is another turret nest. You will find Missile Launcher x 2 resting on its side.

Don’t forget the FY71 ammo from the KPA soldier you killed earlier. Hide in this turret nest. One or two KPA soldiers will come investigate very soon. Replenish stealth energy and get a headshot.

Near the turret nest is a pile of ammo boxes. On top of them are Explosive Charge x 2, FY71 ammo x 2, and four more Missile Launchers on the side inside a box.

Be careful. There are still three more KPA soldiers searching for you silently. Two might sneak on you from behind. Look at the mini-map to stay aware of their location. They are marked as yellow or red arrows.

Move toward the AAA unit (green dot in the mini-map). There’s a single KPA standing guard. Get a headshot and approach the AAA.

Stand near the AAA, and browse through your inventory until you have the C4 (Explosive Charge).

(Press [Mouse 1] to place C4 explosive, and [Mouse 1] to detonate)

Walk away and take cover. Now hit the [Mouse 2] button to switch to the Explosive Charge detonator. Then press [Mouse 1] to detonate the C4.

Psycho: Got it, Nomad. One to go.

[Game Saved]

Note: Switch to Speed-mode and run through the road until you find a jeep parked near the road. Drive until you find a fork. Turn to your left to find the bridge. Open the map by pressing [TAB] to see the location of the last AAA.

Psycho: Nomad, I spotted a KPA comms trailer near some shacks to the north of the harbor. Check it for intel on enemy emplacements.

[Sabotage the Jammer on the North Korean Cruiser. Activated]

Note: After the AAA is destroyed, and the new mission is updated press [B] to use the binoculars to familiarize with the new objective’s surroundings. Look at the North Korean Cruiser to see the Jammer marked on your binocular screen. It’s on the second floor of the cruiser.

Move along the harbor toward the second building. However, hide by the piles of bags quickly. A jeep will drive by. It has a patrol pattern path driving around the building.

With all the obstacles such as piles of bags, and gas cilinders it’s hard to headshot the KPA manning the jeep turret. Let them go. There’s a way to make them stop by. Move toward the back of the building.

Enter the building. There are only three KPA soldiers there. Kill them. The jeep will stop by the door. Kill them while they aren’t mobile. Don’t destroy the Jeep. You will need it.

Drive the jeep toward the North Korean Cruiser. Use the jeep turret to kill the KPA soldier manning a turret nest. Or you can shoot him from afar with the Precision Rifle.

Abandon the jeep immediately, switch to stealth-mode and switch to Missile Launcher. Hopefully you have at least two missiles. If you do not have two missiles or don’t have a Missile Launcher at all, don’t panic. Behind the turret nest are two piles of black ammo boxes. There are Missile Launchers sitting on those boxes.

A helicopter will come out of the blue to engage you. Destroy it with the Missile Launcher.

There’s four more KPA soldiers in the area beyond the turret nest, and a jeep with two more KPA. So watch your flank and back.

Now drive the Jeep, and align it parallel to the North Korean Cruiser and the edge of the harbor. Dismount the Jeep.

Jump on the Jeep. Switch to strength-mode and jump above the North Korean Cruiser. A KPA soldier might be coming from the deck’s door.

Psycho: Nomad, there’s a transmitter on top of that cruiser. See if you can get onboard and disable it.

Note: There’s only one KPA soldier in the Cruiser after you go upstairs. Now head into the Cruiser’s command room.

There are Missile Launcher x 2 and FY71 X 1 on a pile of black ammo boxes before you enter the Cruiser room.

Psycho: There’s the transmitter controls.

Note: Approach the computer terminal.

[Sabotage the Jammer on the North Korean Cruiser. Completed]

[Paint target for air strike. Activated]

[Air strike available. Use binoculars to lock target!]

Strickland: That’s it. Air defenses clear. Now paint that cruiser with your target laser and enjoy the fireworks.

Note: No need to walk back downstairs. Switch to speed-mode, and run through the deck and jump onto the cargo containers.

Move toward the right side of the building. Press [B] to use the binoculars. Look at the North Korean Cruiser and press the [Mouse 1] button.

Jets will fly into the harbor and launch missiles against the North Korean Cruiser, sinking it underwater.

[Paint target for air stricke. Completed]

Pilot: Snakebite one, this is echo niner, target confirmed. We are locked and coming in hot.

Pilot 1: Roger echo niner, confirmed target. Take it out.

[Game Saved]

Strickland: Cruiser’s down … Helluva job, Nomad. Our heavy VTOLs are inbound with tanks.

[Secure the Harbor. Activated]

Strickland: Hold off the KPA air units until we get there. Over.

Note: A helicopter appears. Switch to stealth-mode and shoot the Missile Launcher twice. The helicopter crashes down.

[Secure the Harbor. Completed]

[Rendezvous with Major Strickland at the rail tunnel. Activated]

[Checkpoint Reached]

Strickland: Way to show’ em how it’s done, Nomad.

[Game Saved]

Strickland: We’re moving our tanks into the harbor now. Rendezvous at the rail tunnel. Over.

Note: Use speed-mode to run toward the Jeep you used earlier to jump onto the North Korean Cruiser. Miraculously it is still safe and sound.

Drive now toward the green dot mark on the mini-map. Just follow the train rail. You will see six friendly VTOL aircrafts approaching the rendezvous point.

Switch to strength-mode and jump across the fence.

Switch to speed-mode to reach the rendezvous point. Jump atop the tank.

Strickland: Gentlemen! My hat’s off to you. The harbor is ours … We’re heading up the valley. Take one of our tanks and follow the column through the tunnel … You are qualified to handle one of these, right?

Nomad: Yes sir!

Strickland: Psycho! JSOC’s got an assignment for ya. Fall in with Alpha Company. Lieutenant Cooper’s expecting you.

Psycho: Count me in, boss! Take care of yourself, Nomad. The beers are on me when this is over.

Strickland: Mike! Put a round in that tunnel entrance and let’s get this wagon train moving. Nice shot! Now, let’s get these babies up that valley and give General Kyong a warm Idaho welcome!

[Rendezvous with Major Strickland at the rail tunnel. Completed]

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