Crysis – Walkthrough – Chapter 5: Onslaught

Chapter 5: Onslaught is one of those missions you wish to finish as fast as possible. It’s long and tedious if don’t the wrong way. It’s possibly the hardest for me to device for you a strategy because of the multiple trial and error to find the most straightforward steps to complete each objective. You don’t want to spend over an hour on this awful warzone.

Nomad starts this mission by driving a tank. The initial mission is basically to help your squad of tanks and soldiers get past the chokepoints protected by tanks and KPA with Missile Launchers.

What many might not realize is that as you advance, your own team helps you clear the area. This is why i mentioned “the wrong way”. Some players might start dismantling the whole area trying to clear, which is a mistake. All you need to do is to listen to what Strickland says, and help the squad advance forward toward the Train station.

[Push ahead to the train station. Activated]

Strickland: Team Idaho this is command, we’re pushing up the valley all the way to the mine. Repeat: phase line is the mine. Expect heavy resistance from KPA armor up ahead. Air command, this is Strickland. What’s the word on that air support? Over.

Pilot 1: That’s a nogo, sir. Air space is not yet secure. Our jets are occupied with strategic targets on the other side of the island. Air support’s on hold until further notice.

[Mouse 1] – Fire main cannon

[Mouse 2] – Fire minigun turret

Strickland: Copy that, we’ll have to do this the hard way. All units, this is Major Strickland. Air support is on hold. Push ahead to phase line alpha. Let’s go! Let’s go! First line of defense is a blockade at the train station.

US Tank 2: Idaho Two, under heavy fire. We are getting fucking slammed.

Note: After driving the tank out of the tunnel there are two paths: Forward along the train rail and to the right downhill.

It is a big mistake to go right. You will get too much attention from Tanks and Missile Launchers. Follow the tank ahead of you along the train rail.

Keep your eyes on the right side of the rail. You will see in the distance an enemy tank. Press [1] to launch a missile at the nearby tank. It usually takes two shots, but it’s hard when the land is irregular giving you an angled view, or when the enemy tank is moving. Try shooting the wheel area.

As you go past the curve, another tank is on the train rail. Shoot it before it notices your presence.

US Tank 1: Nice shooting, Idaho Two.

[Objective Updated]

Strickland: Nomad. We’ve got heavy resistance at the train crossing up ahead. Think you can neutralize?

Nomad: I’ve got it covered, Major.

US Tank 1: Fuck yeah!

Note: When you hear Strickland saying this, stop moving. Press [F] to abandon the Tank. Stealth, and switch to Precision Rifle. Press [C] to make sure you have the laser and telescopic lens attached.

Not too far ahead you can see a nest atop a hill. There is a KPA up there with a Missile Launcher.

US Tank 1: Idaho command, we have multiple bandits inbound. Over.

Strickland: Push on through, boys.

Note: Use the Precision Rifle to shoot the red barrel. It will take care of the KPA without much damage to you and your tank.

US Tank 1: Command, it is really heating up down here. We need assistance … NOW!

Note: Aboard the tank again, and move forward. You will see a barricade and a jeep below the hill you shot at. It’s better you leave the tank here before you approach the opening to your right. Stealth. Use the Precision Rifle to kill the KPA manning the Jeep Turret. Another KPA will come into view from behind the barricade. Take the jeep to move past the barricade

US Tank 2: Idaho Two is down. Repeat. Idahow Two is down.

Strickland: We can’t push ahead until that train station is secure. Clear’ em out, Nomad. Anti-tank units ahead. Nomad, take’ em out!

Note: You will now reach a dead end. A massive crater separates the train rail apart.

US Tank 2: Nomad, deal with those RPGs!

Strickland: Nomad, our tank column cannot proceed until the KPA threat at the train station is neutralized.

To your right is a open field. Switch to Missile Launcher and shoot the Tank located over 200 yards from you. Now backtrack to the nest on the hill behind you following the train trail. The KPA you killed when you blew the red barrel has some Missile Launcher ammo, Explosive Charge x 2, and FY71 ammo x 2.

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