Top 4 Whack Your Games For Relieving Stress

I guess you all are familiar with the game series called Whack Your…, right?

This series includes quite many online Flash games in which Whack Your Boss is the very first installment. These games share nothing but the similarity in the gameplay – regardless the different titles, the series’ games are all about finding unique ways to kill virtual targets bloodily and viciously.

The games in Whack Your… series are claimed as a good method for someone to release their built-up anger, stress, and frustration.

Not all these games are developed by one person. Instead, some has completely different creators – you can easily tell this by observing the art style.

Whack games by

  • Whack Your Boss
  • Whack Your Ex
  • Whack Your PC
  • Whack Your Boss 2

Whack games by

  • Whack Your Neighbor
  • Whack The Burglars
  • Whack The Creeps

Whack games by

  • Don’t Whack Your Teacher
  • Whack The Thief
  • Don’t Whack Your Boss with Super Powers
  • Whack The Trump

Among the whack games, GuideGamer has picked out the best 5 that you shouldn’t miss out:

1. Whack Your Boss

Whack Your Boss

Feel stressed because of your boss?

Then, Whack Your Boss will be an ideal game to ease your tension from work. The game of Doodie Cartoons allows you to take revenge on your boss without hurting anyone in real life.

The game starts with the scene of you, as an ordinary employee, are working in the office; then your boss suddenly walks in and begins the complaining song to you.

How to stop the annoying boss from talking? Look around the room and you’ll see a lot of items, but just select clickable objects which will help you teach your boss a brutal lesson.

When Whack Your Boss was released the first time, you only have 7 ways to kill the target. Nevertheless, the latest version has offered players up to 24 possible methods to send your boss to the Neverland.

Choose your favorable items and enjoy the interesting cut scenes.

2. Whack Your Ex

Whack Your Ex

Another whack game that you should add in your game list is – Whack Your Ex.

It’s never bored when playing revenge on your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. And, this point-and-click interact game will meet your need, players.

For boys and girls who’ve got hurt after the breakup, rather than trying any therapy…it’s time to find unique ways to whack your ex. In the game, there are a total of 17 methods allowing you to injury the target in a very bloody way.

As you start you will see two characters – one male and one female – standing face to face and waiting for upcoming chaos. At the bottom of screen are possible items that could cause the death to your ex.

The boys are given 9 objects to beat the ex, while girls have 8 weapons to take revenge.

Which ones will be your favorable? Try this game ASAP!

3. Don’t Whack Your Teacher

Don't Whack  Your Teacher

How is your life at school – not so good or terribly bad?

Not only mean schoolmates, but you will also meet uncaring teachers when studying in public places. They keep asking you to come to the detention room without explaining room; and this really drives you crazy.

Fortunately, with Don’t Whack Your Teacher, you now have the best therapy to get your rage out of the lung.

In the game of Box10, you will take role as a student boy who is getting punished in the teacher’s office. Like other Whack Your…games, your ultimate objective is to find 13 ways to take revenge on the harsh teacher. Items are placed in various locations around the room – will you spot all of them?

Compared to Doodie Cartoons, the violent, bloody cut scenes in Box10’s Don’t Whack Your Teacher are more enjoyable to watch.

4. Whack Your PC/Computer

Whack Your  PC/Computer

For players who can’t handle all the brutal, bloody scenes in the games above, then you should consider Whack Your PC.

You don’t have to play revenge on anyone in this popular cool math game. The truth is – you need to expose your strength here to impress a beautiful lady. How? Well, the ultimate option is to smash your computer into pieces. I mean the in-game one, not your real PC.

As the game starts, you are having a flirty conversation with your secretary. However, the talk keeps interrupted because of dozens of emails in your computer. This is really irritated you.

Destroy it instantly in order to make it shut, players!

Observe your office and choose 12 different objects that could help you whack your PC.

One thing for certain: if you want a game that can help you expose your anger without including too much violence, make a visit to Whack Your PC.

These recommended games can be savored on this site; additionally, some are also available for downloading to your mobile device, like Whack Your Boss and Whack Your PC.

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